Sunday, September 17, 2006

How you doing?

A phrase that Joey Tribiani from the American sitcom Friends, a serial which was a lifeline and an inspiration for us modern day youths world over to live our lives, made famous was ‘how u doing’? A recent discovery in my life has been Within this portal there are various communities. ‘How you doing’ with a picture of Matt la Blanc adorning the profile of the community, is one such community, of which I am a part. A friend very generously introduced me to this community saying that it is a great time pass. Initially I was vary, did join it but well frankly thought that the people who were a part of the community did not talk sense….SORRY guys I know most of you giving this a read are priory members of the community. Trust me I will be showering you with praises later during the article.

Gurneet kept talking about the community members---this new found support group that made her forget all her troubles and at the same time she had loads of fun singing all through the night amidst strangers who all praised her so much. I have known Gurneet. I love her; she is one of my best friends. But hey she does not sing that well.

It was pure curiosity that made me want to participate in this world where a guy named ‘G’ yes u read right ‘G’ was a star, girls swooned over him and guys well were jealous of him though I am sure they will beg to differ. I must confess that I had joined the community to check out the voice of the G man who had managed to floor Gurneet. I must say he acted like a true superstar. Did not speak at all the first time I joined this conference of the members of How You Doing? How do I put it…? “woh bhav kha raha tha”. Over the days, I have managed to blackmail him into singing a few times, saying that I will write about him on the blog! Mean I know… I love myself for being mean!

In this conference I had found a group of people so different from me. They would sing songs, tease each other, and pull each others legs by making pairs of girls with boys, all in good and innocent fun. I presume that none of them knew each other I mean in the real world. But virtually they all seemed like a gang of friends hanging around in CCD or on a night out pyjama party. My singing in the bathroom is also not appreciated by the street dogs that lay around the passage of our building. But on yahoo on a September night I chanced upon this group of ultra friendly people who have over the weeks christened me with names such as Priyanka Lopez and Aashay even made a jingle…where every time he welcomes me with a Pri ding dong sing a song! Even I don’t mind singing my heart out in front of these guys and gals. Listening to Faraz play Beethoven is awesome. And then comes Faraz with Metallica which, though I am not a fan, is appreciated with applause by all.

Divs and Harpreet (phodusurdy as he calls himself) have a great sense of humour. They make everyone feel as if they have known you for ages. Divs is the host generally of all the confies. Where he invites all of us and like an awesome host makes sure that no one leaves the party mid way and un-entertained. Divs was the first one among the confy friends with whom I chatted. Raghav and Divs are regulars on my blog page and I really appreciate getting their comments on my posts! Thanx guys!
The confy has given me a lot. Something to look forward to in these days of unemployment, a platform to interact with people my age-group without actually taking the pain of leaving my computer room. And I even have a son now… friends and family members please don’t be scandalized. PLEASE!!! My bachcha as I call him is a nineteen year old guy studying engineering from Goa. He is such a sweetheart that he calls me Maaaa….ha ha ha ha ha!!! Giving me a superstar feeling of being somewhere near to Sushmita Sen--- She adopted a daughter and I have an adopted cyber son!

I had always known that Friends the sitcom was important in my life. But the phrase ‘how you doin?’ Would become so much a part of my day…oops sorry nights, we have the confies in the night, who would have thought!!!

So next time anyone asks ‘How You Doing?’ take them seriously. A series of beautiful cyber relations might just be awaiting your destiny.


Anonymous said...

most wonderful blog i hav ever read untill now my mom has included almost everyone frm the community n yes i 'm her bachcha aur sahi main g is a rockstar and he's got an awesome voice

gautham said...

Now i gottu comment on dis..!![:D]
*bein an orkuttian am so used ov ths smilys*.Dis comment may sound out ov place tho!

i ve always been visitin pri's blogspace since she joined 'how u doin'. i remember her first lines ov conversation..."G i heard u ve a gr8 voice nd i wanna hear it"
i was LMAO..arr.. ok a lill bit ov blushin as well..[:p]

Pri we enjoy ur company to max..d pretty and inteligent(rare combi) gal is always fun to b wid.ur trademark gigglin definately sounds hmmm niceee(as anil puts it)[;)]....
i don wanna comment on her way ov bloggin.. its awesome..goes widout sayin rite!

we luv u gal...

take care.... gud luck![:)]

Harpreet Singh said...

Hey Giggly
when i came to read your blog today i wasn't expecting this post . All i was thinkin was its been long since i've been reading ur posts and haven't commented ,so i must do it today.

it was gr8 to see that you actually did that post u had been talking abt

Ok comments on the post ..:P

Well i must say loved readin thru it ...n yes we are DAMN jealous of 'G' the hottie :P
the gang is a real cute grup of bathroom singers ...we hve all varities from Black metal rock Faraz to Melodious Sehran
All the lovely singing,
occasional "voice bursts" from G the gr8 , Divsie's special comments, ur giggles, anil's Ma ke liye pyar , Gunz gallis , Shay's flood of emoticons all this makes a deadly combo to make the confy SIMPLY ROCK

Saurabh said...

Well Well.....i have been following Pri's blogs since the day..she told me abt it........N must say have been awestruck by the clarity of thought n her way of presenting facts in funny way...
Now i must rate myself as one of da laziest people...but still cudnt resist myself from writing a comment on dis......

Well this is just an amzing blog...n i marvelled at the way she has just put all this confy thngie......!!

Infact dis entire confy thng is just kinda of break i needed......u cud find people from different professions,age grps n diff places...n yeah its going internation too...[:D]..wid greggie n arii!

Prii has brought wid herself whiff of fresh air....n i seriously miss her giggles wen she is not der in confy...Also she seems to be no attitude, down to earth gal...n its always a pleasure to have her company...!!

N thnks for the wondeful blog!!!!!

We all luv yaah!!!

all the best..take care!

arun said...

half past three in the mornin..partyn hard, sloshed, tired..wat does a geeza like me intend to do? sleep?? way wrong answer!

i join a confy!

met awesome friends, ppl with whom id stand by forever, thru orkut. met bianca on orkut too..never really knew her til the confy thingie started. man..she has the best giggle on Gods green earth. an amazingly intellectual babe, totally kool. divzzies confy sucks if she aint arnd..

'foul-mouthed, all-go-no-quits' yours truly- hated by many.. loved by few, n bianca comes under the latter.

cheers babe..keep this good stuff goin yea.

maverick out!

Raghav said...

Priyanka at her Best ,as Alwayz..Amazing flow..
To Write Something About the Best,U need the Best...

Coming to the Group of frenz..The Group has all filmi ingredients such as Maa-Beta Pyar,Bro-Sis Pyar,Love,Comedians,Flirtoos,Heros,Heroines and all with Yahoo/Orkut Playing the role of a Villain most of the times..:d

Things to watch out in a confy...
Priyanka's Giggles
Anil's Love for his Mom=))
Divs's Commentry/Jokes(worst PJs Sometimes):d
Harpreet's masti
Sen's Manmadharasa:p
G's Songs and Starry image:d
Faraz playing Five String Guitar
The Rise in energy levels when Arun Comes..
Pooo's BRBs[:p] and songs obiviously..[:)]
Ram's baccha Voice..
Aashay's Love for Smileys:p and Flooding the window..:p
and as harpreet said gunzz's Bullets:p
not to forget Jiggie and Shalz..they were also the people who were instrumental in Starting these Yahoo confys ...

Thanx to one and all..There are lotsa people who arent mentioned here but are as important as evryone else..Cos with out u Guys Life wud have been so boring and Monotonous..

Priyanka keep up the good work..
A Day when all of us would be reading ur Blog ,Early in the Morning ,Instead of a Newspaper is not Far..Its Addictive..seriously..
Im damn Confident that ud make it Big Someday...And Then even if u forget us, we can use this blog as proof;)

We all Love U,

God Bless....

Gurneet (GuNzz..) said...

lovely, funny but touching Blog post but more lovelier are the "Comments"...seems now for whole day the smile is gonna stick to my face and that too the broad one!!

and first of all guys thanks for making me 'badnaam' for my so called 'Bullets'...i mean, c'mmon man...i wud hav just uttered them once or twice max! and for that too u urselves are to be u encourage me for the same..:D ;)

and bout the blog [sorry pri..seems everyone hav mentioned bout it at the end, as everyone seemed to be more interested in washing their blots first ;)]
well as G said..."it goes without saying"..obviously u hav done a gr8 job...thanks for making a document for this lovely comapnionship we hav found at "HOW U DOIN'" and that too in such a extensive and amusing way..

AND... I DO SING WELL PRIYANKA!!!!^&%(^&^&.. ;) :D :D