Monday, October 31, 2011

Us and Our

Once again, we meet at the crossroad
Both of us go our own way
To meet again at another intersection.

Connect the dots, one by one
Straight or crooked lines will form
Try, you might be able to read our future.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Triveni: सोना

बहुत नामों से तुम मुझे बुलाओगे
कई नाम मैं भी दूँगी तौफे मैं तुम्हें

पर सुनो, 'सोना' मत कहना मुझे!

त्रिवेणी (Triveni) is a form of poetry introduced by Gulzar. My first attempt in the genre. You can read about it here.

Friday, October 07, 2011


दोस्त का लिबास पहन के आया था वो
इसलिए अपना 'गुब्बार' छिपा ना सकी
कल पता चला की अपने दोस्त की पैरवी करने आया था
खुशनसीब है कुछ लोग की उनके दोस्त बहुत अच्छे हैं

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

#3 How She Met Him: The Wait

Delhi was still reeling under the evil spell of summer. The evening sun was bright and orange, akin to the last flicker of the candle flame before it nears its demise. The whiff of the earth from the plants watered by the gardener engulfed the gigantic red brick structure. The long green plants swayed to the soothing tunes playing in her head, while white marble statues that adorned the corridor seemed to wait for something to happen. She sat smiling, playing with her red chhuni, and enjoying the cool breeze that caressed her as she waited for him.