Sunday, March 23, 2008

How She met Him...

The day to fulfil Her fairytale had come. Excited, nervous and jubilant at the same time She was enjoying the sensations of butterflies in Her stomach. Within an hour She would be face to face with the boy who had over the month made Her feel beautiful, special and out-of-this world. He had been charming, witty and humorous. Since the first time She spoke to Him a smile was fixed on Her face. She looked beautiful when She smiled, Her friends told Her initially. Later the same friends opined that the grin was silly and bordering on irritating them specially when all of them were busy worrying about probably the biggest exams of their lives. Exams, marks and career did not matter to Her anymore. Her life was just 2 steps away from perfection. Today She was finally going to meet the man who made her feel like a woman and a week from today She was sure to clear the interview, a mere formality, and study in the best institute for learning the nuances of film-making. There was nothing more She could ask for. Her life was complete. She was in love and Her career promised to take off. Nothing could go wrong or come in the way of Her happiness.

She decided that over-dressing was not Her style. Moreover they were not going anyplace 'nice'. It was just a casual date. She was not programmed to dress shabby, so She carefully selected a black cotton top to go with fawn cargo pants. The shoes had to be sports considering Her first bike ride was pre-decided. He had told Her in no uncertain terms that She should be prepared to have a good time on a long, a very long bike ride. She had never been on a motorbike before. The speed, the openness and the risk scared Her and at the same time sitting pillion with Him excited her. The day had magic written all over it. She was certain. In fact, She had never been more certain about anything in Her life.

She boarded a bus to reach the meeting spot the two had zeroed in upon after long discussions the previous night. The sultry July afternoon was unable to dampen her spirits. Instead in Her hearts of heart She actually believed that the weather was beautiful. Contrary to the cliché that boys reach early and wait for hours together for the girl, She reached earlier and was waiting for Him to arrive. He did arrive but they were unable to spot each other. He called Her. Thank God for mobile phones. He said, "I am the guy driving the Pulsar bike who is just entering the street of the market." Her heart skipped a beat as She saw a very shabbily dressed guy with his long hair tied into a ponytail on a Pulsar bike take a turn from the corner where She was standing. Within a fraction of a second She had decided that She would run back home, never speak to the guy and never ever go on another blind date in Her life.

She was still on phone and He said, " Hello! Hello! Are you there? Listen I am standing at the panwala's shop outside BigJo's now." She was elated and within a second, Her minute-old resolutions were abandoned. She ran towards the spot to see Him, just hoping that He be better than the horror She just witnessed. The Gods above had answered Her prayers. He was dressed in blue denims, a pink shirt with purple stripes across. Though as a rule She did not like men who wore pink but She decided to make an exception in this case. Short, gelled hair, spectacles that covered the small eyes, which shut completely not just when he laughed but even when he smiled. She was happy beyond words to see a decently dressed boy rather than a wannabe artistic type loafer, waiting for Her and giving Her a smile of recognition and mischief at the same time.

DISCLAIMER: any resemblance to any person living or dead, real or fictitious, inhabitant of Venus or Mars is not deliberate, rather just a malfunction of the sub-conscience.

**** My fictitious mind has not been able to come up with what happens next. So till the time I conjure up the perfect ending for the day tell me what do you think would have happened or should happen?