Sunday, September 03, 2006


Love is just like life… awesomely beautiful when it happens and really sad when the feeling subsides just like death tends to somber the mood. Wise men have said you do not stop living because of fear of death then why stop loving… makes sense.

But in this age when love is neither eternal nor is it an emotion of everlasting season, living a fulfilled life full of monetary and superficial comforts seems the best option available.

In this age of IT boom where the world is just a mouse click away, so is love. One teaser in your inbox or a flattering mail, a nice and sentimental text message, few phone calls and love happens. It is instant and fast just like the food we eat. And it is not healthy just as the food we eat!

Just like you cannot escape globalization so too you cannot escape the woes of instant love as I like to put it, in this net-age. Mothers tend to see as the best venue for searching a suitable spouse for their wards; single youth can be found hanging around in dating sites or chat rooms; and even married men n women looking for ways to stray find net a valuable escape. Hmmm so is the net all that bad??? Well not for guys n gals who boast of finding their perfect match on the web… ask someone who got entangled in this web and the true picture of the wide world may set in.

Hey at this point during the read if you infer that I am against chatting or networking…well no!!! You will find me as a compulsive addict on as well as on yahoo messenger. But yes recent talk about love everywhere really has started to, well get to me. And then this high dependency I see around in friends over the internet to find the love of their life raises the question of the utility of the medium in this context!
I personally sadly have not found the ideal match on the net so far, not that I am looking for someone…hahahaha! But if you have, do let me know and reinstate my faith!!! Cause I will have to find someone on the web and create a home in the wide world web itself. Because since my addiction to the virtual reality I have virtually forgotten the norms of real world!

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