Friday, September 15, 2006

Mind boggling blogging

Journalism is literature in hurry. Richard Gere my all time favorite Hollywood leading man said this in Runaway Bride. A profound statement I must stay. Especially in a movie which was all about mush. As you must have realized from going through my previous posts I have a tendency to equate films with real life. How do I relate Runaway Bride to my life… well hey I am not running and definitely not getting married. I am reading a book highly recommended by my teacher--- ‘The World is Flat’ by Thomas Friedman. It’s a historical overview of the twentieth century. Its non-fiction, which is something I generally do not enjoy. But this book is an exception. It has made me toss and turn in bed for hours, awake for a better part of the night struggling to comprehend and trying to analyze what certain contemporary world phenomenon might result into in the near future.
Blogging has become a very important part of my daily routine during these times of job hunting. Only space I get to let my creative juices flow. The statement “Journalism is literature in hurry” made me think if journalism was hurried literature what would blogging be defined as. As Friedman puts it--- blogging is a globe flattener. News, views, stories travel and I believe even touch people at the speed unfathomable. But is every word that is written on blog literature? Is every scribble that a mom makes about her children so as to tell relatives about the growing babies without boring them, a great literal archive? More importantly will generations beyond us be able to realize the kinds of lives we lived, the people we are, the wars we fight, the trials we face, the movies we watch and make? People try to blog each minute they live yet will these lives be recaptured by generations who will follow our suit.
My idea of a perfect rainy day is a cup of hot steaming cup of coffee with a good book; maybe a classic which my mom might have read before me. Something which even I might have read numerous times before; a book that makes me go back in a time before I existed; the pages of the book remind me of the times my mom read the book to me or the times when I had animated discussions about the particular book. Will the generations be able to relive past through words. They might relive the era which we have relived too. But what about this time which we are marking by our innovations, our lives and well my numerous questions?
If journalism was hurried literature in the 90s what is blogging in the 2000s? It’s a mind boggling exercise for the writers as well as the readers. It’s intimate and personal. Connects two people who might not know each other at all and chances are might never meet ever. How come the easier and more reachable the ways and means of communicating are becoming the more we as a societal group are disconnecting and inclining towards individualism? Blogging is mind boggling!

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