Saturday, October 07, 2006

2006--- A year of learning!

The year taught me a lot. I think I have grown the most in this span of past ten months. I started to account for the year so early because it has been one of the most eventful years of my life. I want to start making a list right away so that I don’t miss out on any of the lessons I learnt.
In no way am I suggesting that I am done for the year as far as events go. The next 2 months I am sure will live up to the expectations of family and friends who ALWAYS call my life a mixture of MB novels and Ekta Kapoor serials.

Getting back to the lessons I learnt from 2006:

 Oprah gave me the best lesson on one of her shows--- YOU WOULD HAVE DONE BETTER HAD YOU KNOWN BETTER

 Her pearl of wisdom was also--- LUCK IS PREPARATION MEETING OPPORTUNITY

 I learned work is difficult.

 I love doing difficult things. Nothing challenges, stimulates and excites me more.

 I should be a little more patient while judging people.

 My instincts work.

 I generally manage to get what I wish for. I had truly wished for a teacher who could change my life in a way I most needed. I got Sabiha Ma’am. She showed so much faith in me without ever and I mean ever praising me :). Without a word she made me feel worthy of her just by the gesture of taking me with her on the documentary shoot as an AD. That said a lot!

 I have to be a Sabiha ma’am for a deserving person one day!

 There are a 1000 and more books that I have to read.

 People at the grass-root level are so pure. Their love for us, the crew members was overwhelming.

 Being revered just for your surname, something you inherited because of your birth is a humbling experience.

 I learned it is still a MAN’S WORLD. But I am capable of taking small steps towards making a difference in the situation.

 I can be adventurous when I want to be.

 I love the grind of traveling.

 I am deeply passionate about learning more about film-making.

 There are as many valid viewpoints as there are people. I can have my views. But I should not be sad/mad at others when they do not agree with me!

 India is a vast nation. I understood for the first time what diversity and vastness mean in real terms.

 India is beautiful.

 Indians are very very nice people.

 India is beautiful.

 Indians are very very nice people.

After finishing the documentary, I got a lot of time to spend with Gurneet n the gang that includes Ashish, Vaneet, Angad and Harpreet! Even Garima n I hung out a lot.

 I love my friends! Nothing new in that. No big secret. Ha ha ha ha!!!

 Friends are truly a part of the cosmic family.

 Watching films is fun.

 I would want these days that I have lived on celluloid one day.

 Friendship does not understand international boundaries. Barbara from Germany became a friend in matter of hours.

 Never encourage 2 friends to go around. Not even as a joke. BAD IDEA!

 KANCHAN, GARIMA, GURNEET, VARUN AND RAHUL are no more my friends. They are beyond defined relations. A new term has to be coined to explain what they mean to me. A part of my life for ever more. I am so sure!

Art of Living classes which we pushed into joining by Vaneet proved just the thing I needed!
 I love interacting with strangers. Gives a nice break!

 Opposing values are complementary to each other.

 Accept people and situations as they are.

 Don’t be a football for other people’s opinion.

 Present moment is inevitable.

 Don’t find intentions in other people’s mistakes.


My 23rd birthday! Phew! I really grew up in matter of a day. Really!

 My family and friends are themselves guilty of the charge they always charge me with---- they are very FILMY! Ha hahhhaahhahah!

 Surprise birthday parties are a lot of fun!

 I am loved by my family and friends too much to the extent of being spoiled by them! I am not complaining. Bring it on :)


 Birthdays are supposed to be fun! This was one birthday I enjoyed thoroughly from the word go!

To be continued… u’ll be reading lot more! Hehehe…


aaron said...

way to go bianca!

jus remembered a one-liner, thought u might like it.

-never be afraid of only means therz light nearby-

luv n luck, chica.

maverick out!

Gurneet Kaur said...

he he he.....
thanks for adding my name in ur cosmic family...;)
love u!!
and i promise that u'll always remain sure of me atleast!! (in refereence to:
"KANCHAN, GARIMA, GURNEET, VARUN AND RAHUL are no more my friends. They are beyond defined relations. A new term has to be coined to explain what they mean to me. A part of my life for ever more. I am so sure!"
and keep passing those 1000 more books to me too..;)