Sunday, September 17, 2006

How you doing?

A phrase that Joey Tribiani from the American sitcom Friends, a serial which was a lifeline and an inspiration for us modern day youths world over to live our lives, made famous was ‘how u doing’? A recent discovery in my life has been Within this portal there are various communities. ‘How you doing’ with a picture of Matt la Blanc adorning the profile of the community, is one such community, of which I am a part. A friend very generously introduced me to this community saying that it is a great time pass. Initially I was vary, did join it but well frankly thought that the people who were a part of the community did not talk sense….SORRY guys I know most of you giving this a read are priory members of the community. Trust me I will be showering you with praises later during the article.

Gurneet kept talking about the community members---this new found support group that made her forget all her troubles and at the same time she had loads of fun singing all through the night amidst strangers who all praised her so much. I have known Gurneet. I love her; she is one of my best friends. But hey she does not sing that well.

It was pure curiosity that made me want to participate in this world where a guy named ‘G’ yes u read right ‘G’ was a star, girls swooned over him and guys well were jealous of him though I am sure they will beg to differ. I must confess that I had joined the community to check out the voice of the G man who had managed to floor Gurneet. I must say he acted like a true superstar. Did not speak at all the first time I joined this conference of the members of How You Doing? How do I put it…? “woh bhav kha raha tha”. Over the days, I have managed to blackmail him into singing a few times, saying that I will write about him on the blog! Mean I know… I love myself for being mean!

In this conference I had found a group of people so different from me. They would sing songs, tease each other, and pull each others legs by making pairs of girls with boys, all in good and innocent fun. I presume that none of them knew each other I mean in the real world. But virtually they all seemed like a gang of friends hanging around in CCD or on a night out pyjama party. My singing in the bathroom is also not appreciated by the street dogs that lay around the passage of our building. But on yahoo on a September night I chanced upon this group of ultra friendly people who have over the weeks christened me with names such as Priyanka Lopez and Aashay even made a jingle…where every time he welcomes me with a Pri ding dong sing a song! Even I don’t mind singing my heart out in front of these guys and gals. Listening to Faraz play Beethoven is awesome. And then comes Faraz with Metallica which, though I am not a fan, is appreciated with applause by all.

Divs and Harpreet (phodusurdy as he calls himself) have a great sense of humour. They make everyone feel as if they have known you for ages. Divs is the host generally of all the confies. Where he invites all of us and like an awesome host makes sure that no one leaves the party mid way and un-entertained. Divs was the first one among the confy friends with whom I chatted. Raghav and Divs are regulars on my blog page and I really appreciate getting their comments on my posts! Thanx guys!
The confy has given me a lot. Something to look forward to in these days of unemployment, a platform to interact with people my age-group without actually taking the pain of leaving my computer room. And I even have a son now… friends and family members please don’t be scandalized. PLEASE!!! My bachcha as I call him is a nineteen year old guy studying engineering from Goa. He is such a sweetheart that he calls me Maaaa….ha ha ha ha ha!!! Giving me a superstar feeling of being somewhere near to Sushmita Sen--- She adopted a daughter and I have an adopted cyber son!

I had always known that Friends the sitcom was important in my life. But the phrase ‘how you doin?’ Would become so much a part of my day…oops sorry nights, we have the confies in the night, who would have thought!!!

So next time anyone asks ‘How You Doing?’ take them seriously. A series of beautiful cyber relations might just be awaiting your destiny.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Mind boggling blogging

Journalism is literature in hurry. Richard Gere my all time favorite Hollywood leading man said this in Runaway Bride. A profound statement I must stay. Especially in a movie which was all about mush. As you must have realized from going through my previous posts I have a tendency to equate films with real life. How do I relate Runaway Bride to my life… well hey I am not running and definitely not getting married. I am reading a book highly recommended by my teacher--- ‘The World is Flat’ by Thomas Friedman. It’s a historical overview of the twentieth century. Its non-fiction, which is something I generally do not enjoy. But this book is an exception. It has made me toss and turn in bed for hours, awake for a better part of the night struggling to comprehend and trying to analyze what certain contemporary world phenomenon might result into in the near future.
Blogging has become a very important part of my daily routine during these times of job hunting. Only space I get to let my creative juices flow. The statement “Journalism is literature in hurry” made me think if journalism was hurried literature what would blogging be defined as. As Friedman puts it--- blogging is a globe flattener. News, views, stories travel and I believe even touch people at the speed unfathomable. But is every word that is written on blog literature? Is every scribble that a mom makes about her children so as to tell relatives about the growing babies without boring them, a great literal archive? More importantly will generations beyond us be able to realize the kinds of lives we lived, the people we are, the wars we fight, the trials we face, the movies we watch and make? People try to blog each minute they live yet will these lives be recaptured by generations who will follow our suit.
My idea of a perfect rainy day is a cup of hot steaming cup of coffee with a good book; maybe a classic which my mom might have read before me. Something which even I might have read numerous times before; a book that makes me go back in a time before I existed; the pages of the book remind me of the times my mom read the book to me or the times when I had animated discussions about the particular book. Will the generations be able to relive past through words. They might relive the era which we have relived too. But what about this time which we are marking by our innovations, our lives and well my numerous questions?
If journalism was hurried literature in the 90s what is blogging in the 2000s? It’s a mind boggling exercise for the writers as well as the readers. It’s intimate and personal. Connects two people who might not know each other at all and chances are might never meet ever. How come the easier and more reachable the ways and means of communicating are becoming the more we as a societal group are disconnecting and inclining towards individualism? Blogging is mind boggling!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cannot Cry Forever…

I remember the violent riots
When Hindus and Muslims killed each other
And only orphans, widows survived
Tears swell up…
I remember…
But I cannot cry forever.

I remember the tragic earthquakes
When nature pinned down the human spirit
And only ruined habitations stood standing
Tears swell up…
I remember…
But I cannot cry forever.

I remember the floods
When excess of water brought devastation
And the life giving water became a curse
Tears swell up…
I remember…
But I cannot cry forever

I remember the droughts
When water was scarce, every drop was valued
And every water drop meant a life for someone
Tears swell up…
I remember…
But I cannot cry forever

I remember the deaths of dear ones
When life without them seemed impossible
And laughing again, a distant dream
Tears swell up…
I remember…
But I cannot cry forever

I remember even today those tragedies
Even today tears swell up
And then I hear a child’s laugh
And I join the merriment
I still do remember
But I cannot cry forever…

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Will never forgive you

For every hug that I crave and need
For every pat on my back that I deserve
For all the gifts of love I desire
For all the tears I want you to wipe away
I will never forgive you…
For leaving me alone.

For the accolades I win
For the degrees I graduate
For the time when my heart is broken
For the time when I want to share my joy
I will never forgive you…
For leaving me alone.

For the future untold
For the years ahead
For the respect of my husband still unknown
For the love of my children unborn
I will never forgive you…
For leaving me alone.

For giving me this sadness
For taking away my security
For the vulnerability I feel
For the loneliness that haunts me
I will never forgive you…
For leaving me alone.

Dad I love you for the life you gave me
Dad I love you for the name people call me
Dad I love you for my mother so good
Dad I love you for my brother so little and pure
I will never forgive you…
For leaving me alone.
For dying, will never forgive you.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Get Well Soon!!!

Remember a few days back I had written about the RDB effect to inspire me to join the anti reservation protests. My friends and other readers thought I was too filmy. They are right I am. I do believe that the films are a mirror to the society a cliché maybe but true. RDB brought out a radical side of my personality out. Well today was a great day when I received an anti-dote of Rang De Basanti in form of Lage Raho Munna Bhai; A movie that reinstated my faith in the philosophies of Gandhi without preaching too much; Telling me that violence is not the way or perhaps not the correct way to achieve change. In fact the pointers that Hirani managed to give seemed applicable and I tested the applicability as well immediately. It works.

A movie buff I was morning the demise of veteran Hrishikesh Mukherjee and the death of the cinema that he had invented and managed to take to great heights at the same time seep into the depths of our hearts. Lage Raho showed a ray of hope. Normal people in normal costumes not designer garb that distracts the attention from the plot of the story; talking sense and still breaking the mould and doing something different and inspiring me to do my bit. Redefining cinema as a friend put it.

Be it tackling corruption, or selecting a groom Munna has a solution to all the modern day woes. A helping hand in the form of Gandhi is a bonus. A subtle message that all of us have a Gandhi in us. We just have to muster the courage.

The direction was fantabulous. The acting par excellence. The tale of friendship moved a notch further. Circuit proved his loyalty every time he saw Gandhi when Munna saw Bapu. Vidya was beautiful, innocent almost angelic and still real. Someone I or you could be or at least hope to meet down the road. Sanjay Dutt was at his career best. Sorry I am not a big fan of his don roles. His comic timing and mush romanticism bowled me over. But the star was Boman Irani. For me he was spectacular as Lucky Singh. Not once did I feel that a Parsi was playing the role of a Sardar. He was a builder I might run into in Delhi. He was awesome! Kudos to the master actor!!!

The music of the film was good so was the dance routine that complemented Sanjay’s style or lack of it. The best song some might say was Har pal…but I beg to differ; the best song was vande matram bande mein tha dum. Specially, because of the contemporary political significance of this song. So ironical that when all the politicians of India are busy raking up a controversy over the national song a main stream Hindi film not only uses the song but also links it to the father of the nation. So what next, the politicians are going to decide that Gandhi is no more the father of nation and a certain community can decide upon whom to choose as their father of the nation. Only one message for our politicians--- GET WELL SOON!!!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Finding a groom is fun!

Finding a groom is fun! I declare this with full confidence and especially till the time the needle is not pointed at my direction. I know my best friend is going to kill me for writing this but I have pre warned her about my itch to write about my experience and involvement in finding a suitable match for her. Well I am not playing a very important role though. I drafted a matrimonial advertisement for her on the behest of her mother. Cannot refuse aunty and the wonderful opportunity to well, shamelessly and blatantly enjoy at my friends misery. That’s what best friends are meant to do as I often tell her.

Writing that matrimonial was a revelation to me. Firstly, I just realized that well she is going to be married soon. The relation that we share---its shape, configuration, depth, volume everything is bound to change. I know I have a way of making everything about myself! But hey when a person has been a part of your life for as long as I have known her you will be rattled too. And I realized I want to make sure that I am involved even more in the whole process so that I can be a part of her life after hr marriage too. She is too special for me to let go.

One more thing I learned is that I can actually manage to write a decent matrimonial. Describing her in a limited number of letters, mind you not words but letters, was a challenge. Taking reference from the newspaper I believe I did a decent job! But it was a challenge to describe someone I have grown up with in a few letters to possibly a person she might spend the rest of her life and me and my future husband will spend hours partying with. I have so many more things to tell, so many things he should know. And I have a long list of things I expect him to do and be for my best friend. Things like she loves sabudana khichadi, sings without making a sound, becomes a hallmark card when you want her to, is a pillar of strength when I know I cannot stand by myself. I want him to be too good to her, make sure that she is loved and treasured and cherished more than she deserves. There are just so many things I wish for her.

Her marriage also is an occasion for me to dress up. Wearing a sari to her wedding, checking out the guys from the groom’s side, eating goodies, later helping aunty and her sister after the wedding party has left for her new home… so many other things I can see being a part of.

Garima I wish you the best in life…love ya loads!!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Love is just like life… awesomely beautiful when it happens and really sad when the feeling subsides just like death tends to somber the mood. Wise men have said you do not stop living because of fear of death then why stop loving… makes sense.

But in this age when love is neither eternal nor is it an emotion of everlasting season, living a fulfilled life full of monetary and superficial comforts seems the best option available.

In this age of IT boom where the world is just a mouse click away, so is love. One teaser in your inbox or a flattering mail, a nice and sentimental text message, few phone calls and love happens. It is instant and fast just like the food we eat. And it is not healthy just as the food we eat!

Just like you cannot escape globalization so too you cannot escape the woes of instant love as I like to put it, in this net-age. Mothers tend to see as the best venue for searching a suitable spouse for their wards; single youth can be found hanging around in dating sites or chat rooms; and even married men n women looking for ways to stray find net a valuable escape. Hmmm so is the net all that bad??? Well not for guys n gals who boast of finding their perfect match on the web… ask someone who got entangled in this web and the true picture of the wide world may set in.

Hey at this point during the read if you infer that I am against chatting or networking…well no!!! You will find me as a compulsive addict on as well as on yahoo messenger. But yes recent talk about love everywhere really has started to, well get to me. And then this high dependency I see around in friends over the internet to find the love of their life raises the question of the utility of the medium in this context!
I personally sadly have not found the ideal match on the net so far, not that I am looking for someone…hahahaha! But if you have, do let me know and reinstate my faith!!! Cause I will have to find someone on the web and create a home in the wide world web itself. Because since my addiction to the virtual reality I have virtually forgotten the norms of real world!