Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Secret Admirer!

He stared at me for a good part of the six hours bus journey from Jaipur to Kota. He kept smiling as though he had seen a girl for the first time. At first, well I felt very flattered being stared at like that, but soon flattery gave way to my being very conscious about every move I made. He kept staring. He kept smiling.
He giggled out loud and when I looked at him with a natural reflex he bowed down his head. He blushed. I decided enough was enough; he should talk to me outright rather than making me so uncomfortable with his staring looks. He did not agree, his mischievous smile and the glint in his eyes told me so. He wanted to continue the game. He kept staring. He kept smiling.
The bus was crowded as there were many people on board. I was the only one who caught his imagination though. I exulted in the glory of this new found secret admirer. Even whispered into my mother’s ears “maa look he’s been observing every move I make.” Surprisingly my mom did not object to the guy’s staring or his sly smile. She started to tease me. While he kept staring. He kept smiling.
The route was beautiful. Rajasthan blossomed yellow with mustard fields. Here and there and almost everywhere we spotted many small yet extravagant forts. I was enjoying the traveling escapade as well as the attention bestowed so generously by my secret admirer. The journey was coming to an end, our destination was approaching fast. I just could not take leave without the exchange of words. I mustered all the courage I possessed. Giving my sweetest smile possible I asked, “What is your name?” He looked at me, a bit surprised and I think a bit shocked too. I knew at once he was at a loss of words. He did not reply, turned his head away. His brother came to the rescue, gave me my secret admirer’s name— Vaibhav. But Vaibhav, he kept staring. He kept smiling.
We reached Kota exactly on time. I helped my mother haul down the heavy suitcase. We were waiting for a cabdriver. Vaibhav came down and shyly he said, “Pleeyanka didi, your shoes are very nice.” And again he started to smile.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Faith Shattered!

Karan Johar has failed me as a faithful audience. Shah Rukh has wronged me as a fan who believed he or any character he played could do no wrong! Bingo! Karan brilliant direction I came out all baffled and thinking Huh? How? Why? What? You wanted the audience to think…well now you have me thinking!
Well you have managed to portray reality in terms which we do not expect from you. Agreed it was real…that’s how people behave. But do you think I want to spend 150 bucks that I have begged for from my mom and you to spend 60 crores to make reality cinema? No. I see a lot of reality in real life. I expect karva chauths, beautiful heroines, perfect heroes (read Rahul, Raj, Rohit, Aman), great locations, adarshvadi dads and extremely happy and conventional endings from you. As SRK himself put it…why did you kill Rahul for us… why?
Technically and as a story the movie is fantabulous and more. But hey that’s not the kind of movie I a die hard SRK and Karan fan want to see next time.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Weird beginning of a lifelong friendship!

Keeping the promises I make to myself is not my best quality. More often than not I tend to break my own sweet little heart. As usual I had broken the rule I had setup previous night when I had promised my mom, “I’ll be on time for everything from tomorrow, you will see.” My mom had sweetly smiled and said, “If tomorrow comes…” Flabbergasted and dismally handling my project file which was too bulky for my small frame I boarded my usual bus no. 500 from Krishi Bhawan. There was this awesomely cute guy in my declared all time favourite ensemble for guys--- faded jeans and white shirt. And off went my MB fantasies. He would be a thorough gentleman, offer his seat to me and I would coyly (very unlike my true self…hehehe) take up his offer.

At the same time a girl who would be called by us next door intellectual type girls as well a B***H and by guys as a BOMBSHELL boarded the bus too. And I am sure you must have guessed all my dreams were shattered when my possible hero, the prince charming in blue denims offered his seat to the B (girls and boys read accordingly). He stood up and was standing next to me. In some other day and time I would have enjoyed it better but hey I was heavily burdened with my project file and the driver who was driving like a maniac did not help my situation a bit.

I was so annoyed with the guy, not only cause he did not give me his seat and nor did he show his chivalry and helped me with my cumbersome load, but because he was STINKING! That’s right all my romantic endeavors had fallen flat on the face. We were at the South-ex stop. I could not bear the stench anymore…I have smell issues…will elaborate on them some other time. And I badly wanted to avenge my wounded pride. So pat I opened my mouth… “Excuse me, could you please put your hand down?”
He was puzzled…well where else was he to gain support to maintain the balance? “Why?” he asked in complete confusion written all over his face.
“Cause you are stinking…and I really can’t bear it anymore.” Rude I know but hey he had it coming...looking all cute and all and not showing any interest in me whatsoever…the poor chap not only put his arm down he even got down the bus too and EMBARRESSED as hell all thanks to me.

More than two months had passed since the incident. All my friends and family had heard the story several times, many times on demand, and laughed their heads off. Even I had developed a routine giving appropriate pause at the correct time for the audiences to grasp, ooo aahh, and to well laugh hysterically in the end.
Well on the chilly morning of 2nd November 2002, as I was just getting down my deserted college bus stop cause I was a bit late…not my fault yaar the cable wala was showing a SRK movie… neway to be back on the story line… hmmm so this dude gets down after me and says “Hi!” I rattle up my brains trying to put this guy’s face to a name. Ah! But no success. “Sorry! Do I know you?” I ask cautiously and still happy for the early morning rendezvous because it could make for interesting conversation during the lunch time (wink).
He just smiled “I am Rahul, and I am not stinking today!”
He boarded the next bus and vanished… I stood their gasping and wishing I had someone to share the moment with.

Its been four years. We have relived the moment again and again laughed till we had tears in our eyes. Sometimes we remembered our first meet when we were crying so that the tears would vanish. Rahul and I are best friends today. We have seen each other through so much---our graduations, his marriage, our first jobs, his adoption of two girls, my first documentary and now his going to Australia to settle there with family. Life has been good. I love my stinky!