Sunday, September 10, 2006

Get Well Soon!!!

Remember a few days back I had written about the RDB effect to inspire me to join the anti reservation protests. My friends and other readers thought I was too filmy. They are right I am. I do believe that the films are a mirror to the society a cliché maybe but true. RDB brought out a radical side of my personality out. Well today was a great day when I received an anti-dote of Rang De Basanti in form of Lage Raho Munna Bhai; A movie that reinstated my faith in the philosophies of Gandhi without preaching too much; Telling me that violence is not the way or perhaps not the correct way to achieve change. In fact the pointers that Hirani managed to give seemed applicable and I tested the applicability as well immediately. It works.

A movie buff I was morning the demise of veteran Hrishikesh Mukherjee and the death of the cinema that he had invented and managed to take to great heights at the same time seep into the depths of our hearts. Lage Raho showed a ray of hope. Normal people in normal costumes not designer garb that distracts the attention from the plot of the story; talking sense and still breaking the mould and doing something different and inspiring me to do my bit. Redefining cinema as a friend put it.

Be it tackling corruption, or selecting a groom Munna has a solution to all the modern day woes. A helping hand in the form of Gandhi is a bonus. A subtle message that all of us have a Gandhi in us. We just have to muster the courage.

The direction was fantabulous. The acting par excellence. The tale of friendship moved a notch further. Circuit proved his loyalty every time he saw Gandhi when Munna saw Bapu. Vidya was beautiful, innocent almost angelic and still real. Someone I or you could be or at least hope to meet down the road. Sanjay Dutt was at his career best. Sorry I am not a big fan of his don roles. His comic timing and mush romanticism bowled me over. But the star was Boman Irani. For me he was spectacular as Lucky Singh. Not once did I feel that a Parsi was playing the role of a Sardar. He was a builder I might run into in Delhi. He was awesome! Kudos to the master actor!!!

The music of the film was good so was the dance routine that complemented Sanjay’s style or lack of it. The best song some might say was Har pal…but I beg to differ; the best song was vande matram bande mein tha dum. Specially, because of the contemporary political significance of this song. So ironical that when all the politicians of India are busy raking up a controversy over the national song a main stream Hindi film not only uses the song but also links it to the father of the nation. So what next, the politicians are going to decide that Gandhi is no more the father of nation and a certain community can decide upon whom to choose as their father of the nation. Only one message for our politicians--- GET WELL SOON!!!

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Raghav said...

hey priyanka,
Your post is damn Good..I completly Agree with U,may be i lack words ..Lage Raho was awesome..I was awed by the way the message was delivered in a light vein..enjoyed completly..Perfect Execution,Screenplay,editing..And Mahatma Atlast finds himself at a different place other than those crossroads and currency notes..All in all a great movie and could well be a case study for future generation of film makers..