Friday, September 08, 2006

Finding a groom is fun!

Finding a groom is fun! I declare this with full confidence and especially till the time the needle is not pointed at my direction. I know my best friend is going to kill me for writing this but I have pre warned her about my itch to write about my experience and involvement in finding a suitable match for her. Well I am not playing a very important role though. I drafted a matrimonial advertisement for her on the behest of her mother. Cannot refuse aunty and the wonderful opportunity to well, shamelessly and blatantly enjoy at my friends misery. That’s what best friends are meant to do as I often tell her.

Writing that matrimonial was a revelation to me. Firstly, I just realized that well she is going to be married soon. The relation that we share---its shape, configuration, depth, volume everything is bound to change. I know I have a way of making everything about myself! But hey when a person has been a part of your life for as long as I have known her you will be rattled too. And I realized I want to make sure that I am involved even more in the whole process so that I can be a part of her life after hr marriage too. She is too special for me to let go.

One more thing I learned is that I can actually manage to write a decent matrimonial. Describing her in a limited number of letters, mind you not words but letters, was a challenge. Taking reference from the newspaper I believe I did a decent job! But it was a challenge to describe someone I have grown up with in a few letters to possibly a person she might spend the rest of her life and me and my future husband will spend hours partying with. I have so many more things to tell, so many things he should know. And I have a long list of things I expect him to do and be for my best friend. Things like she loves sabudana khichadi, sings without making a sound, becomes a hallmark card when you want her to, is a pillar of strength when I know I cannot stand by myself. I want him to be too good to her, make sure that she is loved and treasured and cherished more than she deserves. There are just so many things I wish for her.

Her marriage also is an occasion for me to dress up. Wearing a sari to her wedding, checking out the guys from the groom’s side, eating goodies, later helping aunty and her sister after the wedding party has left for her new home… so many other things I can see being a part of.

Garima I wish you the best in life…love ya loads!!!


Garima said...

Girlllllllllll.......wt to say.....Now i actually feel weird... Shit! im gonna get married soon... and what u've written is probably the best way to put it.....I just hope the best for u too.....will def add the Marathi friend wala tag...:)

Garima said...

Thanks.....feels weird to read all this.. but its true.............Shit i'll b married soon..........

Gurneet said...

lol....gr8 job pri, it was fun reading it and may i hav the oppurtunity to repeat the line of garima once gain "shit she is goin to marry soon"
and let me warn u one more thing...finding a groom is fun with him ..might not be..he he all the best to u garima..and to u to pri.. :D

The Introvert said...

so whenz she gotta enjoy the same misery "blatantly and shamelessly"?