Monday, June 07, 2010

कुछ पंक्तियाँ

जो तुम्हारी अहमियत राहे-ज़िन्दगी में महसूस होती
इजहारे दिल करने की गुस्ताखी ना की होती

गुरूर तुम्हें हो ना कहीं अपने ही होने का
गुज़री शामें जों, वो तुम्हारी जुस्तजू नहीं
मेरे दिल की लगी थीं...


मैं अपनी दो बादामी आखों में समां रही हूँ तूफ़ान
और यह विशाल अम्बर कुछ बूँदें ना रोक पाया

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Raise A Toast To My 100th Post :-)

Last night my blog came to life

Will you not write, till I put your neck on the tip of a knife?

With a shudder I thought I had breathed life into my enemy

Attacking me in my sleep, how can my blog such a coward be?

Then it smiled, the smile of an old soul

Gently reminded me of my own goal

Writing to your heart’s content

That love in your words, I wonder where it went?

It is still there I confessed

I have a long list of words too, I professed

But this time, in my 100th post

Your companionship I want to toast

My dear blog, you found me friends

A world where no one pretends

Teachers who taught without preaching

Moments, which will have consequences far reaching

And then my blog showed me some angels dear

Fellow members of this world we have created-the blogosphere

With tears in my eyes and a smile on my lips

I was glad to realise I could never count you all on my finger tips

On June’s second day

I request you to, today

Raise your glasses to toast

My 100th post

Trust me the toast is not in the honour of the words I spilled

It is to honour you and the voids in my life you filled

You showed faith and helped me survive

Each of your comments made me come alive

To you I owe the last 99 posts

Thanks for coming to this space from near and far away coasts

I have more to offer, I believe

Lots of stories still in air, which I need to weave.

This post, my 100th (never dreamed I could do it), coincides with my 27th birthday. Please wish and pray for my long-lasting relationship with words this day. :-)