Monday, October 29, 2007

Passing a new feminism order

What I am about to do now requires a lot of courage. I am about to break stereotypes. A brave foray into a land where very few women have dared to tread; a land where men are masters. But making a breakthrough is your very own Priyanka Khot who never shies away from the duty of truth that binds her.

Burps and farts: Topics that have since the ages borne the dominance of men. A language that is universal to all men, barring all ages, religions, borders and skin-colors. The excitement of gas taking a natural course and finding an opening at the top or the bottom floor of the human anatomy has since ages been a topic of great amusement to men. Women on the other hand have never had been given the freedom by the men of the society and the social law-makers to either practice or enjoy the art of burping or farting. It is time that feminism went beyond working in corporate settings and wearing pants. It is time that the world witnesses a party where women joke about gaseous output, competitions and bets are held over the loudest accompanying noise and the worst smells that supplement the Burps and Farts.

Please don’t take this post to be about Burps and Farts. It is written in a sincere attempt to make an intellectual remark on the deteriorating status of gender equality the world over. It is also a heartfelt endeavor of a socially conscious citizen to sensitize the society towards the right of Farting and Burping openly and proudly that has so far been denied to the women by the social landlords of civilization.

I believe that this short and nice post is sufficient to raise the issue significantly just as a small silent fart is enough to stink a whole room.

P.S: Idea given by Kidling urf Praniti :D