Friday, May 11, 2018


I want to make you an offer
Which will be hard to refuse
I’ll make you a deal
To our loneliness forever heal

I’ll write you a letter,
A memory to treasure
When the pages turn yellow
And you are no longer a young fellow

You sing me a song,
Decorated in beautiful notes
A memory to write about
For when life wears me out

We will live in parts
In each other’s hearts
In letters and in song
When life seems short and days too long.

P.S: Vivek, I am glad I waited for you that morning for 20 mins, after years of waiting for you :)

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Collateral Beauty

A wish to speak to Badshah Khan
Granted with the Twitterverse coming together like never before.
A desire to ruffle the handsome, young doctor’s hair
Fulfilled; with laughter all around.
A request for a better view,
Position of the bed changed.
Surrounded by her children,
Hopefully, painlessly, she breathed her last.

Friends, family mourned her passing,
Stories in their hearts, tears in their eyes, smiles on their lips.
In her final years,
She taught everyone she interacted with
How to live—love, laugh and learn.
Her last act of mothering,
Maa put a magnifying glass
On the collateral beauty around us.

Over the last two decades, Maa and I had started to believe that everything happens for a reason; everything happens for the best and everything happens only when we are ready for it. Maa passed away on 24 October 2017. Days after Diwali, saving the festival for all those who loved her—her last act of kindness towards her friends and family. 

I think I was ready to begin the process of healing, when one day I saw the thumbnail of the movie Collateral Beauty starring Will Smith on Amazon Prime Video. I proceeded to watch the movie. The movie made sense to me on many levels. My first reaction of course was that I should call Maa and tell her about it. I did the next best thing. I told Vivek about it and he watched and liked the movie as well. And I hope that Akshat will see this movie too, whenever he is ready. 

The online reviews for the movie are not that flattering. But for me, it came just at the right time with just the right message. I am celebrating more than I did normally. I am celebrating events, people and each day as they come. Almost as if I need to celebrate on her behalf as well. Over the last two months, I have drawn and painted more than I ever did before. I keep myself as busy as I can.

The fact that I read blogs of friends after years today and the fact that I am writing again today, gives me hope that the process of healing has begun.

I hope that I will be strong enough to do a yearly review this year as well, knowing very well that Maa would not be the first to like it and share it on her Facebook and Twitter timelines.