Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ranneh Falls and Panna

I have no plans of converting Priyanka's Point into a photoblog. But there are many pieces of writings, I believe, these photos can inspire. Here are some photos from my recent vacation to Ranneh Falls and Panna.

I had gone to Khajuraho, for an official conference with my colleagues. You can see the Khajuraho photos here.

Ranneh Falls is a 1 hour drive from Khajuraho.

Below is a volcanic crater, which now is the abode for alligators. Rain water falls as waterfalls on these hard lava rocks. When we reached this spot, there was an eerie silence engulfing this place.

After Khajuraho , my friends and I set out to Panna. We stayed at Ken River Lodge. The USP of this place was the Tree Top restaurant and the huts where we stayed.

As the sun set, the lights on the pathways were lit.
After a long-stretched antakshari session and dinner, we counted the lamps back to our huts and had a peaceful sleep of merely 4 hours.We, a bunch of city slickers, woke up at an un-earthly hour and this is how the sky looked with the moon still high at 4 o' clock in the morning.

In the next hour, the sky changed its colour several times, exhibiting its true beauty for us.Our gang of girls, boarded a safari jeep and set out for Panna Tiger Reserve, in the hope of spotting a tiger.
The tiger it seems was scared of us and decided to hide, but some other animals were more friendly. The Panchatantra gang came out in full force to greet us. There were sambhars, langoors and peacock.

and a fly-past by the white cranes over the river Ken.

The most interesting find, however, was this open toilet and as a group of editors, the sign board was what got us even more excited than a sure-shot chance of spotting a tiger would have.

After a fun 4 hour drive in the open safari jeep, we returned to the Ken River Lodge. The blackened tree stubs that were lined on the pathway caught my fancy.

After a delicious lunch, some members of the group decided to take a nap and some of my friends decided to sit by the river, near the boat.
I on the other hand, enjoyed the cool breeze, a book, old Hindi film songs and let my feet up at the Tree Top restaurant.


yamini said...

Just like always, you had me at the first sentence and the first photograph. Touchwood!

The eerie silence of Ranneh falls was in fact, evident from the photographs too.

Thanks for sharing this with all of us. Keep on writing and clicking!

magiceye said...

loved it!
the pics were awesome and the commentary refreshing!

kavita said...

Amazing location,thanks for sharing.The pictures are very nice..my fav are the one showing a hand wearing colorful bangles,the boat one and the sky shots.

R. Ramesh said...

yeppp,..awesome pix as usual..v felt like v were on the trip with priyanka khot..cheers buddy..:)

jayant said...

Thanks for sharing all the events and very good pictures with me,keep contd.
Jayant Telang