Friday, December 12, 2008

I am...

I am the carefreeness of the wild flower,
The madness of a gypsy defines me,
Like the fragrance of kasturi I can haunt you
Yet unexplainable I remain

I am the intelligence of the sages,
The patience of a mother characterises me,
Like lightening I can strike you,
Yet a mystery I am

They tried to confine me,
Behind shackles of chains,
Tried to silence me,
Amidst explosions of bombs.

Yet, infinite and everlasting
I remain.
In each birth I reincarnate
Life is what I am.


R. Ramesh said...

when a friend who is editor of a mumbai fashion mag wrote to me today that the city is still scared, i was shocked..that's not the mumbai i had seen for 19 yrs..what's wrong buddies??!!priyanka, your post was motivating..that's life..

vIpIn said...

Really nice one. You defined something which is so difficult to define in words.

Er. Avinash Pandey said...

thats life....

fatoori said...

gud work..comes 2 remind us of d everlasting element in life..d fact that come what may, life doesnt die.
:) keep writing, keep thinking

seno said...

so beautifully written ^:)^

I am glad you are back to Blogging! :D

Indrajit Ghosal said...

They tried to confine me,
Behind shackles of chains,..

Almost similar lines I wrote some years ago on my whims in a diary of mine. Only I knw about it.. :P
How did u get tht diary of mine now? :o :p :p
However, my reason for those lines were entirely difernt.

Liked the spirit of this poem.
Thts what it shd be like for al of us present here.
tc and goood going..

nituscorner said...

Beautifully written priyanka.....i loved the first verse the best explains my thoughts and me as a person and i always beleived that once your try to cage a person are killing his creativity...So never be caged....and may you soar higher to attain unlimited success.

Scribbler said...

Life indeed


keep it rollin ;)

yamini said...

That's the profound truth of life and the poem describes it beautifully. Thanks for sharing it with us and keep writing so that we can keep on reading...
luv... Yamini

the inexplicable said...

excellent, u have motivated me to blog too with this refreshing poem

R. Ramesh said...

p, thanks 4 comment

"My macrocosm" said...

If that's d case then you are worth watch.

Comfortably Numb said...

Very true....It still goes on. Bigger than any name.


rahul said...

Here's Wishing you a very happy and prosperous '09!!!!!

Miss Cynical said...

beautiful poem priii ... happy 2009! :-)

Deepak Barua said...

Beautiful simple words, but yet full of essence of life, which motivates everybody.