Wednesday, July 02, 2008

To My Lil Brother

The dreams I see for you
Are mine left unfulfilled.
The promises I make,
Are those that never came through for me

The imperfections I try to smoothen from your life
Are ones that have creased mine for long
The role that I attempt to play in your life
Is of the one whom I miss most in my life

I try hard, but I let you down
My gifts fail to win your heart
When I try to bring a smile on your lips
I just see tears in your eyes

It’s not your fault I know
Conceding failure becomes a daunting task for me
I shout and scream, rant and rave
Its not at you sweet angel

You are not my child, I know
But I love you more than I could love my own
It might be hard for you to believe
But one day I might actually win you over

One day soon...


Saumendra Bajpai said...

..sure is from the heart..:)

Happy sibling times..!

yamini said...

hi Pinka Singh,
The words really touched my heart and prove, yet again, that no matter how much the siblings fight with each other, the blood always turns out to be thicker, Hope to read much much more from you....

Scribbler said...


God bless!

keep it rollin;)

Indrajit said...

Both of you are a blessing for each other .:) :)
Very heart-warming \.

ash89 said...

beautiful post! :)

vrittant said...

I smiled and smiled and laughed a little too :)
very cute and sweet piece.
god bless u n ur bro..

IR said...

ver well written , both brother and sis resemble each other !

swatimala said...

this truly touched me

one of the best poems i have read in a long time

rahul said...


Gurneet said...

Awww..... So warm and touching..did Akshat read it?? What was his reaction?

Avinash said...

really nice poem

Quakeboy said...

Suveeet one

We Pin said...

that's so nice. reminds me of my eldest sister. It's really so heart touching.

We Pin said...

That's really nice. Very heart touching. I want to say the something similar for my youngest sister and want to hear the same from eldest one. I wish i could write something so aesthetic for them.

Deepak Barua said...

surelt from the bottom of your heart. god bless both of you

juno said...

awesome truly liked it..he is blessed to hava sis like fallin short of words..:)

juno said...

awesome truly liked it..he is blessed to hava sis like fallin short of words..:)

jambay said...

that was really beautiful.god bless

Shilpa said...

Hi Priyanka,

This one is really very very touching and heart warming!

It literally brought tears to my eyes:)

You write exceptionally very...Look forward to read more!!