Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Life Till June 2008

A quick half-yearly update of what all happened in my life in the first six months of this year. This post is meant for me, but I blog it because there are many who have shared these moments with me and I know for a fact that they would love to reminisce about the times with me while reading this post. For those who think ans wish to say that I am wasting their time and the blog space.. I have just 4 words --- Do Not Read More.

Update begins:
1. The year started with Gurneet getting married. It was a time where I had the weiredest bag of mixed emotions ever. To tell be truthful, I am still trying to cope with losing her proximity. Her friendship is a lifelong promise I am pretty sure of that.
2. Had a blast of at time at her week-long wedding ceremonies. It was the first time that I was so much involved in a friend’s wedding. Dancing, singing, teasing… u name it and we did it. Even had are share of last minute adventures. Wearing high heels, Gurneet, her cousin sisters and me along with gunu’s brother and our common friend Ashish, we all jumped a huge ditch to reach the CCD/ bookshop across the Gurgaon highway. Loads of fun that was.
3. Bid a heart wrenching goodbye to Gurneet n her husband Balwinder. Really, really wish that balwinder would settle down here in Delhi itself… maine itni baari kaha hai… maante hi nahi hehehehhe.
4. Went to Jabalpur to drop Aaji. Had fun going to several markets with Aaji and getting her full attention and pampering. The return journey had it bad and good moments.
5. Once I returned, jazz dance classes and radio kept me busy along with job search. With gurneet gone the months were a tad difficult as it seemed everyone’s life was moving ahead, except mine. Even Ashish has a girlfriend now… toh mere toh all the dosts were busy…. Hehehe
6. Went for a number of interviews but u know me… I waited for my heart to scream --- TAKE IT.
7. Joined NewsLink India on March 1. Got a black labrador pet dog on the same day. And just a few days after... I was featured in a newspaper story. So before turned 25 years of age I managed to achieve this feat. :-)
8. While surfing the net one day I chanced to visit, Eric Tenin’s Paris Daily Photo blog. I was inspired and started Delhi Photo Diary. This was one of the best decisions that I have taken in a long time. Keeps me alert to my surroundings and has given me a new perspective to see my city. Apart from this, the blog has opened my eyes to the cities of the world, people from various corners, their interests, and their expertise. The best part is I tend to see my name in several blog-rolls these days :-)
9. Mom got the NATIONAL AWARD FOR BEST EMPLOYEE 2007- 2008. The ceremony was held in Mumbai and I had accompanied mom to the city. It was after ages that mom and I spent time on our own. The trip was adventurous and i made a few observations about Mumbai.
10. Mom and Akshat (my brother) had gone to Jabalpur for a week. I enjoyed my time alone.
11. The biggest achievement was going out to dinner all alone and having a great time. Seriously, it is something I would recommend everyone to do at least once in life. It is liberating in many ways.
12. Started driving classes. It is fun to be on the road… now I wish to be endangering the Delhi roads soon enough!!!
13. Read a number of books over the past six months – The Color Purple, Loss of Inheritance, Where the Heart Is, Gunahon Ka Devta, P.S. I love You and a number of good old Mills and Boons… hehehehe
14. Have realized a couple of things – life has a strange way of delivering to you what you most wish for or what you need, depending on the answer to the question – is your wish greater or your need?
15. People play different roles within a lifetime. Now that Gurneet is far away we cannot talk about each n every facet of life in great detail, however these days Parul has become someone I talk to almost daily… sometimes she counsels and at others I counsel her. That does not mean that she has replaced Gunu in any way or I have replaced anyone in her life… the fact is slowly yet surely our hearts expanded to make room for another great friend. 
16. My birthday was great! And I imparted gyan to Akshat – “celebrating birthdays is worthwhile only after you turn 22” before that u expect too much nothing happens. After 22… u expect nothing but u get loads.
17. This birthday treating my colleagues to lunch was extreme fun; loads of jokes at the table always make me happy.
18. Getting presents is always fun. Gunu n Bally sent a beautiful bouquet and a delicious Black Forest cake, which was a big surprise. I got 2 books and a very pretty bouquet as well apart from the chocolates.. yummm... ok if u guys are jealous lemme make most of it...this is just the beginning of the gift party for me :-)


Himanshu - in IIT this year!! said...


Cool.......must be a thing of pride for you.

Nice blog.

Suggestion: pls allow OpenID comments.


seno said...

As usual Pri your blog is like sipping a hot cup of coffee on a cold day ! I love ur blog...keep writing more ...i come to your blog everyday to check if u have written a new one :D

I have also read tons of books this year :P and a lot of MB's

when will we girls get tired of MBs???? :O :P :D

Gurneet said...

"the fact is slowly yet surely our hearts expanded to make room for another great friend."
Thats not ture Priyanka...I wish I was face to face with you while saying this..

After reading this blog, I also realised that there are so many things we dont talk bout now..but doesn't your place is ever gonna change in my life...

sunayana said...

Gunahon ka Devta !!! I had picked that, from the large bookcase in my home, thinking it would be something like the "Godfather" in Hindi. It turned out to be significantly different. I still liked it.

Ashutosh Sodhani
h/o Sunayana Khot