Monday, January 14, 2008

Aisa hi hota hai! (This is how it happens!)

How do you say bye to someone who has been part of your life for just three years but seems that you have known them forever? How do you bid farewell to someone who knows you better than you know yourself most of the times? How do you say adieu to a friend who has gracefully become family? How do you say Goodbye to someone who has taught you so much while pretending to learn? How do you part ways with someone who makes sure that you remember them every time you meet friends they helped you make?

Well I have no idea how you do it but I start by crying just thinking of all the good times. Then I cry thinking of all the predictable moments that I won’t be able to share with them in person. Then I start to laugh with tears still rolling down my cheeks thinking of all the MAD things that we did together and the things that I am pretty sure we will not do with anyone else on the planet. Then I blog about it so that this emotion becomes immortal and in time when the hurt of being away from your best friend heals you still can hold onto the memory of what seems the greatest loss at this point in time.

Well my friend is not dying (Thank God!). She is getting married to the luckiest man on this earth. I know that our friendship will sustain for life and the times we have spent doing the most bizarre of activities will be narrated to our grandchildren by us. Never before in life, proximity has meant more to me than now. There are friends and then there are FRIENDS. Gurneet is FAMILY; A part of the cosmic family that I hold very dear.

I am extremely happy for Gurneet. She deserves the best and I am pretty convinced that she is getting the best partner for life in Balwinder. But every second of everyday I cannot help but wish that he lived in Delhi itself so that Gurneet could remain a constant in my life. But I know now what Gurneet would say to this, “Pagal. Priyanka aise hi hota hai. Tujhe kuch nahi pata. Main jaoongi tabhi toh someone special will come in your life. See I love you so much. Sirf tere liye hi shaadi kar rahi hoon main.” (Priyanka, this is how it happens. You don’t know anything. Its only when I go that someone special will come into your life. See I love you so much. And I am marrying just for your sake.) How can I not love someone who can come up with such bizarre logics? :D

With tears rolling down my cheeks I pray for a happy married life for my best friend and wish that the vacuum that she has created in my life soon fills up. And as Gurneet says – Aisa hi hota hai!!!

Loads of love.


Gurneet said...

who else deserves to write the first comment to this beautriful blog...ME ME and only ME!!

Well Priyanka...Thanks alot for creating this short but descriptive enough document. That was so so sweet of u...abhi rone ka time nahi hai parr baad mein padh padh ke royeya karungi... :P

Indrajit said...

"so that .... could remain a constant in my life."

at times , we are fated to miss our only "constant" in life,sometimes distnace drws us apart, sometimes eternity....

May God bless ur frnd as she steps , radiantly, in a new world , with U towed in her memories.....;)

Ravi said...

My God!

When I started reading this article, I had this dreadful feeling that something has happ to your friend...but then in the 3rd para you cleared that it was just that she was getting married!!!

You write very well, mam :o)

Take care!

Ravi (random wanderer on the web)

ek koshish, ek aasha said...

hey!!!!! nazar na lag jaaye....

That was truly awesome, u described ur feelings in such a nice manner....u guys r such a gr8 example of real & honest friendship.... god bless u guys..

take care...

nitu said...

its indeed heart warming to see that there are still people who gives such importance to friendship. and its only those few fortunate ones who would understand what it is to have a good friend in life. A friend is sure a gem in your treasure chest....what u say priyanka. i wish u both d best in friendship. nitu