Thursday, January 03, 2008

what a year - 2007

Well to begin telling the truth I did not have too high expectations from 2007 as a year. After all 2006 was a tough act to follow. In retrospect though, 2007 taught me some of the best lessons of life so far. 2006 was all about having fun, growing up, and experimenting with life, love, friendships, books, career choices. 2007 as it turns out was about being patient, living with the aftermath of choices, letting go of heartache and some friends, rejoicing in the knowledge that my friends were moving towards the next pedestal in life and at the same time re-evaluating my stand on things. The biggest lesson I learnt this year: Nothing is as it seems at first.

Highlights of 2007:

  • Compare Infobase Limited. I met some wonderful people there, learned the tricks of the corporate world, and expanded my professional skills in one more direction.
    All India Radio auditions and then the training session with Manoj Mayankar, Sumeet Tandon and the Yuva Vani Studio (no less than a person with its complicated tools and first impression of awe-inspiring).
  • My birthday! I got a surprise party in the office. I had never seen anyone else get it before me or even after mine. There was cake, gifts and the party mood with my friends rubbing cake all over my face. Even my orkut friends – Anil, Harpreet aka Phodu aka and Divs aka Saurabh aka Divsie sent a surprise Black Forest cake to my house. Gurneet could not meet me that day but she sent a packet full of letters from herself, her family and even her colleagues’ jotted wishes for me. Then coffee with Garima at my favourite CCD and a family dinner at Pizza Hut. What a day!
  • Preparing for mom’s 50th Birthday Bash. Nothing in the world will give me more joy than the joy of remembering her face light up with all her near n dear ones around and opening the presents that I got for her.
  • The time Ashish and I spent taking care of Gurneet. Oh! What weird situations and what crazy fun was that. Then Gurneet went away after a month of SOS calls, crying, living at her house and eating all the junk one can think of. She was gone. All of us new that this time her trip meant that she would be getting engaged and would be married soon after. Our prophecies came true. 2007 decided that the first highlight of 2008 is going to be Gurneet’s wedding.
  • Gurneet got engaged in Canada. And Garima got engaged in Delhi to be married by December 2007. I like to believe that I very gracefully gave up my sole rights on my two most treasured Gs of my life in 2007.
  • I made new friends though. Attended the documentary making workshop. Met Sourabh, Vikas, Sukriti, Shreya, Azad and Mohanji. Awesome 15 days watching films, shooting and most importantly going out in the evening with the gang to some of my favourite places in Delhi- India Gate, Dilli Haat and Gole Market. The metro rides and the jokes that I could share with these guys alone make those 15 days extremely special.
  • Last two months of the year I traveled like a maniac. Mumbai was the first city. Explored it on my own. Realized Delhi is the best. Hahahahahaha. Met two very cute orkut friends – Aashay and Anu. The day at the beach, the outings with mami and mama, the train rides, meeting Shubha Aatya and watching a SRK film in Mumbai (one thing done before I turn fifty off my list). It was all amazing.
  • Nagpur is a city that will go down in history. Well not because of any major feat but just because three of us – Gurneet, Ashish and me traveled there together, only a friends ka trip. The high of traveling with friends on the train is something I recommend for everyone. Vaneet’s sister’s wedding was the occasion and I thoroughly enjoyed all the fun. That was the first and the last trip for all of us friends to take together (second thing done before I turn fifty off my list).
  • Last trip was to Jaipur. Amazing time at Amer fort with Prasha and her friend Prerna and later at Prasha’s Birthday party with her friends.
  • Met Anil my orkut Son lolz… bored the hell out of him in one day. hahhaha
  • And yes!!! I took my first step towards jazzing up my world. Joined Jazz classes to dance my blues away!

And that’s pretty much all the things that I would like to remember of the year gone by. It made me grow wiser. A bit more patient. A lot more adventurous. So here is to the NEW YEAR 2008… wishing that it brings in situations that help me grow as a person. Happy moments to cherish and sad moments enough to make me treasure all that is good in my life. May I meet more people and treasure the moments and people who made me into what I am today!!!

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hope u acheive many more landmarks in life..