Tuesday, January 23, 2007

SRK freezes KBC

OK! So all of you who know me pretty well will swear that you knew this was coming. But hey! SRK making a comeback on the small-screen is an event of utmost importance for a SRK fanatic like me. Well all of you who are foolish enough to compare Big B to SRK, I request you here itself not to comment on the lines. As I completely agree that Mr. Big B was after all Mr. Big B. But in the same breath I would like to add that SRK was SRK. The King. No arguments from your side can force me to agree otherwise. Neither will I entertain the arguments.

I was nervous for the show that aired yesterday for the first time since the announcement was made. Believe you me; things related to SRK decisions are a topic of grave discussion in our house. STD calls are made. 4 hours long online chats are held. We are always hell bent on offering justifications for his decisions; be it SRK signing Don or KBC. If you listen to our family discussions you would be sure that SRK was a blood relative or in the least a very close family friend. Sadly the bonds that society recognizes do not relate us. But we are related through bonds that are sacred in the world where movies are a religion and actors are Gods. So the SRK fanaticism is not a one in a million case with me. It is a syndrome that has genetic prevalence when it comes to my family and cosmic family (read as friends if the cosmic part is unclear).

Finally that the D day arrived, alarms were set, reminders sent across state boundaries meals cooked and eaten and the eyes were set to the wall clock in anticipation of the needles to point 9 o clock. Strict instructions were given to the youngsters, “Disturb and pay the consequences!” This was the scenario at my house and at the house of similar fanatics (And I am not exaggerating. If anything I am dishing it out in deliberate undertone). Only if SRK knew how much he is adored and thought of...

As soon as the clock struck 9, my mom shouted my name and summoned me to the TV room. I swear to God I have never in my life before obeyed my mom in a single call. But yesterday the circumstances were different. Once the KBC started rolling, there was pin-drop silence. Not out of respect or reverence for SRK (though that is not a stretch of imagination, even that is possible at our house). The reason was that we did not want to miss a single joke that SRK was going to shell out. Thus the laughter on the most hilarious parts was also controlled in the fear of missing the next witty line. I promised my mom that we would laugh reminiscing all the jokes again before we went to bed.

SRK was magnificent. He was in his best element for good and long stretches this time unlike in ‘Koffee with Karan’ where Karan and Kajol also shared the TV space. He was as real as it could get. No sermons, no put-on respect for people his age or younger. He was a ‘dilliwalla’ to the core. Funny, witty, charismatic. Over familiar at times, but never once over-awing the contestants or the viewers. He was perfect. The show ended and even I wanted a hug from my favorite person in the film industry.

The aftermath of the show was even more interesting. With instant calls from relatives discussing the nitty-gritty of the show, praising the video that preceded the actual show to the way he interacted with the audiences and with ‘Mr. Computer’, we had expert comments appreciating everything.

SRK was so Cool that well DElhi froze :P

So SRK Freeze it please.


Harpreet Singh said...

SRK ..big name ...wat better to go with another big name KBC ..the King of bollywood hosting the king of shows on small screen....sounds exciting...really it does.
I didn't see the show but from what feedback i got was not ecouraging at all. Agreed people would have been comparing SRK with Big B ..thats unfair to him ...but still SRK the big star was not good enough in his performance to make people appreciate him. Most of the feedback i got was negative. Anyways hope he gets better as the show progresses.
I won't say much abt this as i din't see for myself but surely i would say how wella people are to discuss such trivial things with so much imprtance over phones , chats n wat not. Gawd why is there a dearth of better things to talk ...or will ppl never grow up :P ..

Shukshu said...

well frankly..i liked SRK only in pardes..its just that i avoid watchin his movies ..but was pleasantly surprised when he agreed to host KBC-trithiya(sorry Big b ishtlye:D)as it was a herculean task of fittin in shoes of his predecessor who had made KBC a craze in mind & heart of every generation not only for 1 season but for the 2nd one as well..doing something different & creating his own impression in ppl's mind was a huge challenge, kping in mind SRK's every action would b scrutinized & commented on from day 1 !!
On the D day i was just surfin the channels, when i saw the KBC logo flash on ma screen with its typical tune..n i thought"lets c how he fares...!"to tell u the fact i just saw 15-20 mins of the 1 hr show..but jitna bhi dekha i was impressed!
SRK had taken in2 consideration even the minutest details 2 set him apart from BIG B's style .Be it his entry song or be his way of greeting contestants or addressing the comp.IT WAS DIFFERENT..SRK was refreshing, energetic and witty..Kudos 2 SRk!Hope his experiment pays off!!all the besties..:)
Now Its pri's turn.well done yar...as usual well written blog whch had all the necessary ingredients for making me read till the end even though its related 2 SHAHRUKH!!:d

praniti said...

another awsum piece of writing ^:)^...kudos to u!!!B-)

after months of having just about nothing worthwhile to look forward to on the idiot box...like most die hard srk fans i finally decided to take a break from orkutting:P n go back to the good old brainless box n check out kbc tritiya!...unfortunately..was disappointed to the core!!!sure there was pressure to step into firmly established shoes...huge shoes(pun intended!)...but srk was simply imitating amitabh...everything from his walk to the talk...his nervousness was evident..n justified...
however...after the 1st episode(which i shut midway!)...i caught a few fleeting glances this week...glances that tempted me to stay till the end of the show..n ask for more...felt great to see the king khan back in form...being his incomparable self...sense of humour intact...red bull energy n a change from amitabh's black wardrobe;)...ruling over hearts(n minds!)...cheers to srk!!!