Thursday, January 11, 2007

Aging blues.... Naah!!! I still got time!

Last year while celebrating the New Year’s Eve the traditional way…read as wrapped under two huge quilts watching TV or rather surfing news channels to see how the world was welcoming the new year I had chanced to spot a unusually young and a very cute news anchor, yes you read right, news anchor.
I had not imagined then that one year later his blog post pointing an accusing finger on my current age would traumatize me. Well I know traumatized is an exaggeration on my part. Just as all things are.

Firstly in most of his posts he kept referring to being 23 years as being old. And as my mind is programmed to make things seem way magnified I took the comments of the 22 year old at heart as you might have guessed by now I AM 23 YEARS old…. Though I like to pretend that’s not the truth, not as an exhibit of woman vanity that plagues most of my species, but because I truly believe that I am 23 years YOUNG! Narcissism is my character trait and I know, you know, if you have been reading my blog regularly. If this is the first time you visited my point then please read the previous posts to educate thy self about me.

Well coming back to topic, yesterday was the kind of office day that most of us weird types hate. I call myself weird because most people I know laugh at me that too on my face when I tell them I got really bored today as I had no work. For the normal junta no work means happy hours. But keep me busy and keep me happy is the norm as far as I go.

Sorry for being repetitive but as you all know about my obsession with the book- The World is Flat. I could not help angling and analyzing, reading his blog and then finding him on orkut and scraping him, in the light of the contents of my latest literary treasure. The world has actually become flat. And that’s good. I have this huge platform where I can easily exchange a ‘hey!’ with a news anchor who would have been light years away (exaggerating again you think… hehhehehe guilty as charged).

My mom recommended that I read this anchor’s blog, as she knows I find his on-screen antics really fun to watch. As I always say, “Mom knows best!” I got an instant cure for my boredom. Was hooked on to the dude’s (that’s the word us oldies have to use to pretend to be KOOL)* blog. I got to know from a cutie that 23 is an age to be dreaded. I read all the archives as well. Some really interesting anecdotes inspired me to forget I was in my office and laugh out loud. But better sense prevailed! Thank the Lord! And I made a mental note to laugh to my hearts content before retiring to bed that night. Some posts made me realize that some of the things he said were true and applying them to life will certainly be a good idea (By the way, Idea is not paying me to advertise for them, their service is so bad in Delhi that I am doing this for them as a HUGE favor).

Of course I do not agree with all his viewpoints (not contesting the age point right now). But guess the approach to the world is hugely determined by the world you are exposed to and the choices you make. Choices of BELIEVING, ACCEPTING and REJECTING. The choices one makes maybe circumstantial but we have no choice but to own up to our choices. I choose to still believe in the black and white, my way or highway, clichés. Maybe that’s the reason I don’t feel old. Maybe the anti-aging creams work, maybe Botox is miraculous but I guess till the time I believe what I believed when I was eighteen… I’ll be eighteen till I die.

Paras if you read this… don’t worry being 23 is not too bad. But what really worries me right now is WHAT WILL I DO WHEN I AM 25….AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

*read Paras Tomar's blog to understand the joke!... (its listed in the priyanka praises these)


psycho said...


psycho strikes again!!!

well that was a good one

but YOU ARE 23 YEARS OLD??????????????????????????????

(i thought you are 48 or something around it ...let's say 50 to make it a round figure!!!heheheh)

well ...

but you r JUST 23 YEARS old???


and i know what you will be when you r 25yrs old!!

wanna know!!!

YOU WILL BE 25 YEARS OLD, what else

(but you still will be acting as if you are just 25days old)

come on AUNTY ...23years OLD ...does mean OLD ...

(by the way i am 22 yrs OLD ...22nd RUNNING actually...but still AUNTYYY 23???? hheheheh)

neways ....

nice one(i dont know ,in what way this word NICE has to be sensed by you BUT still...)

23 years OLD ????

PRIYANKA AUNTYYYY (dont worry about my 22 YRS thing, you'll always be my AUNTYYY hehhehehhe)

(first comment ,okeyyy DONT REJECT IT!!!!----you may opt to DELETE this LINE/STATEMENT once you've THOUGHT ABOUT accepting IT!! )

yeah AS YOU SAID choice is ALLLLLways yours AUNTYYY oooooooopssss

well ,lemme stop her before i MOVE ON TO GRANDMAAAAAA !!!


BUT 23YEARS OLD??????????????

psycho said...

WELL, BY THE WAY this is VIRESH here...

yeah this is my new ID ,waakeyy??
(ORKUT'S new profile's GIFT!! hehehheh)