Thursday, April 06, 2017

Making a house, a home

With the humans of the house at work
They thought no one could hear their chatter.

Roared the fridge with indulgent laughter
‘They make a house, a home.

The plants in the balcony swish about in glee
To the rhythm of their romance over cups of coffee and tea.

The doors stand witness in complete silence as they hurry past
 Stealing a quick kiss before their journey to work starts.

The ‘them’ from the past, framed in photographs
Smile as ‘they’ make new memories to forever last.

The sofa eagerly waits to cup their bottoms as the sun sets down
While the TV holds their attention with its one-sided conversations.

The Uzbeki plates take her side, while the bowls from the land defend him
During heated arguments about food, politics, movies, families and friends. 

Ensconced in the creases of the unfolded quilt on the bed
Are the secrets of last night and several past months.’

Hearing this, the mirror blushed
The toilet couldn’t do much to control itself, it just flushed.

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Patty said...

Very nice post.