Sunday, December 29, 2013

And on Sunday, she rested

The last five days of running around in the sun and having fun have taken a toll on me. As is a holiday ritual with me, I was badly sunburnt. So today, I decided to celebrate Sunday in a haze of Avil induced sleep. Since you have vicariously enjoyed my holiday, I think it is only fair that you get a dose of details of my sunburnt, itchy skin! I am kind and generous like that.

So my arms are burnt. They are red and itchy. Fortunately, the burn on the face is limited to my lips (which are scaling a little). Thanks to a tablet of Avil, lots and lots of lotion, and a blast from the air conditioner I have managed to keep it in control. Since I had covered all the spots of Hampi in the last two days, I decided to stay in the hotel the whole day. I had a heavy breakfast. Came back to my room and went to sleep. SKT called and it was a pleasure talking to her. I love the excitement I hear in her voice when she talks about my travelling alone. I went back to sleep with a big smile on my face.

After a good four-hour nap (yes, I’ll call it a nap), I got up and did a mental revision of the days gone by. For those who know me, I do these revisions often. Since I don’t plan to cry on 31 December this year as I’ll be with friends, I decided to do the recap of the year a couple of days early.

The year has been good. Mom’s chemo cycles of the year weren’t too bad. She once again fought like a hero and came out of it with a big smile and a fresh mop of hair. She became more active on Twitter. Made new friends and planted loads of pots. Thinking about both of these achievements of hers make me happy.

I look back and think about friends. Friends who stood behind me like rocks (it’s only fair that I call them rocks since I am blogging from Hampi) ensured that this year was enjoyable. Parle, Sangy, SKT, Anky, Titu, Loofah, Jaspinder, and Sweater, ensured that I smiled and laughed even when things were on the edge of going terribly wrong. Now that look back on the year, I travelled a lot. I went to Pachmarhi with friends, to Dalhousie and Khajjiar on an office trip, to Udaipur with mom, to Bhopal with mom to meet family, and now to Goa and Hampi. From where I stand, it is very difficult for me to remember what went wrong this year. Thank god! I think this year was awesome.

If all the travelling was not enough, I also pushed myself to get out of my comfort zone and learn a new language. I plan to continue learning Spanish in the months to come.

I paid all the E.M.Is for my car. I also spent a lot of money on gadgets. I bought myself an iPod, a MacBook Air and a phone. And as Loofah will remind me again with a well-deserved smirk, I was supposed to be on an austerity drive this year. Well that is one resolution I don’t mind postponing to the next year.

The biggest achievement for this year is that I have not cried even once in the last 7 days. I think that is a record of sorts. Hopefully, I will cry even lesser in 2014.

This evening, I will be taking an overnight bus to Goa. Will return to blogging about the travels and adventures tomorrow.

Have a great time!

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