Tuesday, October 02, 2012


You know, you and I, we can become friends. You with your shy smile and me with my gregarious laughter. I know you hide behind the walls of silences you build and I suspect you know that I hide behind the curtains of noise I stitch. You and I are weak, vulnerable and cowards. But one day, we will be given the chance to rise to the occasion. You will have to become more like me and I'll have to be more like you. We can fight it for some time if you like. But destiny has something else up its sleeve. When the day of reckoning comes, remember I warned you. Also, remember to forget. For if you remember and I don't forget either the magic of the moment will be lost and we shall never experience the emotion that has inspired generations to fight wars, to forgive enemies, to give birth, to write epics, ballads and poetry.

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Indrajit said...

excellent 1.