Monday, August 23, 2010


Sitting on my park bench seat

I saw a child playing with a paper sheet

He folded it once, and then twice

I saw several slices of life as he folded it thrice

They say pre-decided has been each fold

Each crease is living its destiny I’m told

But I was amazed to see the wrinkled mould

As life in a million ways I witnessed unfold

The fist that folds the first love letter

The kiss that treasures promises of a future better

The eyes that hold a thousand dreams

A wedding dress that has happiness stitched in its seams

These I could count on my finger tips

Several were lost by the time they reached my lips

I concentrated hard to remember what I could

I was sure I could carve more sculptures from this folded wood

Before more mysteries I could unravel

My little guide decided to greener pastures travel

He picked up a twig next

Challenged me to come up with a philosophical text

Without a word I surrendered to the master

Complex folds I can understand but twigs offer simplicity I cannot factor

I’m not done with analysing the folds I pleaded

He just smiled the smile of a saint and receded


Anuradha said...

I don't as a rule read poetry-but this touched a chord somewhere. The "Folds" in the title caught my geographer's attention, but then I was quite moved by the words and the thought that was behind them.

vipin said...

Crisp !! To be honest, after reading first two stanzas itself i went into thinking about Ann Marie and then couldn't finish then after.

But as i always say, you gotta collect and publish them in a book some time. for sure. hopefully before i die.


Get your book published.. become an author..let the world know of your creativity or else get your own blog book!

Anonymous said...

You chose some words not easy to rhyme. I liked it very much.

Scribbler said...

very impressed. Interesting observation.

keep it rollin;)

fatoori said...

took me two readings to understand the beauty of this one.very cute poem, if i may use dat word for it :)
life is in the finer details, which lie in those folds :) keep writing dude

fatoori said...

sorry, dudette

Angad said...

What you have written is simply super!
Even i want to do the same, damn sick of working in this distant suburb ;)

Anant Mendiratta said...

u r so so very blessed wid dis art !! keep writing coz i wanna keep reading :D god bless

Anant Mendiratta said...

u r so so very blessed with this art.. keep writing coz i wanna keep reading.. :D god bless ya

nituscorner said...

beautiful !!!! look into each folds of life to discover all its treasures.