Sunday, April 11, 2010

To the little scared girl

Today, I had a glimpse of my past
And who I used to be
I wish I could reach out to that little scared girl
Assure her everything will be fine eventually

But I will warn - Future is not all that it is made to be
There are hardships, tears and situations you never bargained for
People will die, leaving a void for you to fill
For ever torn between a feeling of relief and mourning you will remain

The way the world sees you will alter
You will hate the pity in their eyes
But at the same time for their empathy you will vie
With tears in your eyes, smile on your lips you will survive

After the initial rush of emotions
The positives I will list
There will be a sense of victory in everything you do
No failure will daunt you, even though people might taunt

You will shine wherever you go
Your presence will be treasured and absence felt
Friends, as good as can be, you will make
Someone will always be there to wipe your tears away

Your values will be different from others around
A hug, smile, long chats with friends will mean more
Than the wealth of the world, and the fanciest of cars
You will see beyond the physical and judge good from bad

Now that you are smiling through your tears once again
I’ll burst the bubble and tell you one thing
Rarely will people look beyond your appearance
Their senses are not attuned to see your past or the promise of your future

After more than a decade of struggle
You will want to come and hug your scared little self.
You will want to reach out to that sobbing girl
Assure her everything will be fine eventually.

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Edit tips from Charlie of the Scribble Pad fame helped make this one better. Thanks Charlie.


vipin said...

Nice one !!

Seriously ...when we look 10 years back. Its scary but then everything falls in place.

Azad Alam said...

your scared little girl is lovable and her grown up self has her own sense of vanity that only experience and knowledge can bring.
Although in words, both the characters are very much alive. I see visuals for this piece.