Sunday, December 06, 2009


I miss him more each passing day

But I have friends

Who do things

Big and small

To make me smile

I miss him more each passing day

But I have a younger brother

Who opens his arms

Enveloping me in a bear hug

To comfort me

I miss him more each passing day

But I have a mother

Who cries

Only to express her joy

To make me feel cherished

I miss him more each passing day

Despite all the love

Selfish of me

To still, after 11 years

Miss my dad



Aditi said...

hmmm.... God bless... Don't cry too much... Remember me :-)

^_^ SENO ^_^ said...

Cannot be more aptly described though it has been just 2 for me :|

Patty said...

No that's not selfish of you, apparently you had a good loving relationship as Father and Daughter. Something I am sorry to say, I never had with my Father. I had several friends who did and I envied them.

My Mother and I have a very good relationship and when something happens to my Mom, I will feel lost forever not having her around. I call her at least once a day, sometimes more often. My Mom will just be 87 on Dec. 30th. I turned 73 this past Oct. so you can see she was very, very young when I was born, she was just a baby herself.

Now I think I have the right person, you were moving back closer to your family if I'm not mistaken. Hope this is all working out great for you and your son.

Priyanka Khot said...

@ Aditi: What wud i do without you... :)

@ Seno: I hope things get better with time for you.

@ Patty: Sorry to hear about your relationship with your dad. Me and my mother are also very close. I think you were thinking of someone else when you wrote the last part. I am unmarried, have no children and hunt for a groom is going strong in Delhi. :-)

Indrajit said...


Vijay said...
Nice blog.. Hi friend this is vijay here.. ur doing a really good job.. can we exchange links..

R. Ramesh said...'s a very sacred relation..:)

R. Ramesh said...

Hi P:)

Admin said...

:) A smile...for u

anupama said...

Dear Priyanka,
Good Morning!
First time here,n found your space interesting.
My Achan[Father] is not with us now,
As He became dearer to God.
And we have very sweet memories;
The strong pillar of love n care,
The source of inspiration,
The faith n devotion Achan has instilled,
Help us carry on our crosses,
Amma is so wonderful n loving,
We are blessed forever!
Let the memories give you strength to move on n attain greater heights.
Wishing you good luck in finding your prince charming n A MERRY CHRISTMAS,

Dr Roshan R said...

beautiful post

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Priyanka,
What though the radiance which was once so bright,
Be now for ever taken from my sight.
Though nothing can bring back the hour,
of splendour in the grass,
Of Glory in the flowers,
We will grieve not,
Rather find strength in what remains behind.

Best regards, keep well, Lee.