Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Art Of Conversation: Women vs Men

Most of the women I am meeting these days are verbosity personified. A colleague, who never leaves a single opportunity to remind me that I am elder to her, will use at least four sentences just to say that she will remain quiet for the next five minutes. She recently said that she not only talks a lot herself, but can also boost talking capacity of others manifolds. “I am a communicable disease,” she had proudly declared. Others, mostly school time friends, are eager to share the details of their love life, or rather the lack of it.
Now, this might not seem like something that should occupy blog-space, but for someone like me, who has been TALKITIVE since before comprehending the nuances of words and languages, the situation takes precedence over the Iran issue. Unfortunately, I cannot hate these women who talk incessantly . Not just because I am a really nice person and just can’t bring myself to hating anyone. It has more to do with the fun I have with the gal pals. They are funny and have the best of stories to last me a lifetime, if I ever fall short of material for the blog.
A recent conversation with a male colleague, however, made me profusely thank the powers above for making the women in my life as they are. The said colleague, who calls me a female Hitler, and my world, feminist Hitler’s Third Reich, had a one-word answer or response for N number of questions or statements. “Nice,” that is all he said. Amazed at the expanse of his vocabulary I could not but think that if not for women, languages would die.

Nods, burps and farts , is all that men need to have a meaningful conversation.

Prove me wrong! :-)

*Dedicated to Aditi and Biswarup.


aditi said...

I will try to restrict myself to just two sentences.....Firstly, thanks for giving me space in your Popular blog :-)...Secondly, I can't help but agree with you (though I don't want to) on this one and I admit its soooo hard to prove you wrong this time;-)..Hope I wasn't too verbose, or was I? ;-)

fatoori said...

My god, what a self-aggrandising thought! I mean you are not saying that "We women are verbose" and "We women should shut up once in a while" and "We women should learn the art of listening from men" but you are putting it as, "If not for women, languages would die!" Hail thee, oh saviours of languages! :P

totobogy said...

Nice :P

yamini said...

I agree completely. Women are the true and sole propagating factors for languages all over the world.

But I'm jealous too. How come you never dedicated any blog to me? I dont leave any stone unturned in irritating you with my antics, he he he ;-))

Mansi Dube said...

Priyanka what u said is so true.Nobody can prove you wrong because this is a fact.
But one thing is so strange, that we people co exist with the help of the communication tool we have .How do these men do it then?
One of the reason you find men fighting on the roads or any place they can is because they don't express and keep their feelings to themselves.... and thats the only vent for them (fighting). So wake men yeh dil khaye...... Thats what i think . Priyanka you are good with words so u can help express this in simpler words .... :-0 specially for men out there .

Rohit said...

nice post Priyanka.....I must agree that men like me prefer to talk less compared to women...after all...women have an eight lane super highway for processing emotions whereas we humble men have a small country road....women don't need anybody to give them company to talk to...they can do this endlessly with themselves as well(remember ekta kapoor soaps)....=))btw when is Mein Kampf by Priyanka getting published :)

vipin said...

nice one !!

Patty said...

How true how true, that's about all men need to communicate. LOL

My husband gets upsets with me at times, because I start telling him something and have inserted about four other things along the way before I get my story done, and in the mean time I have lost him. But our daughters have no problem keeping up with my story. LOL

Indrajit said...


Well, I get tired if I talk too much...

Gooner said...

"If not for women, languages would die." That is so not true!Constant chatter is definitely not a way of helping keep a language alive!

Language, as far as I understand, is a just a way of communicating. Present your point in a way that the other person understand, get a response and that's that. Why stretch it?

A man would just say that he went on a trip to Nainital and he had fun there. End of. A woman on the other hand would describe what vehicle she took, the relatives she went with, where the relatives were from, how many kids they have, how her uncle scolded the driver on the way, what she bought there, what food she had there..etc etc etc.

I mean...spare me the details!! You went with your relatives, you had fun..good for you. Why do I have to listen to how great your 'Bhopal wale mama' is!! What's the bloody point?

Altissima quaeque flumina minimo sono labi. (The deepest rivers flow with the least sound.)

A man wouldn't waste his time like that. A man remains quiet because he knows how to better utilise his time and do something productive, think something useful, such as...How to save mankind in the event of an inter galactic war.

You can't expect a woman to think something on those lines. She would rather plot something sinister...Batter a man with her non-stop 'chatter' and when the poor guy is about to pass out..she would come with something like.."tum to kuch bolte hi nahi"

And who says women are keeping the strings of language tied together?
Men (the ever forward thinkers) nod,burp and fart and have developed a new way of communication. Give them their due credit.

Amicreative said...

Well it may be correct to an extent , perhaps to change the opinion , listen to Man when they talk about gals :)

R. Ramesh said...

how how how can u forget your friend rr???? lol..

Maddy said...

Amazed at the expanse of his vocabulary I could not but think that if not for women, languages would die.

If my wife reads this, she would give a biiiiiiig hug to you.

Oh! I talked too much...(18words)