Thursday, July 16, 2009

'Rakhi Ka Swayamwar' What Are We Stooping To?

And so it has begun, the kalyug, declared my grandmother. Men will now romance men and women, other women. However, even the High Court order making gay sex legal had not scandalized the 75+ lady as much as the news that 10 men had decided to prove their love for the item bombshell in the show Rakhi ka swayamwar. With a sigh she declared, while Rakhi has found 10 suitors, my granddaughter doesn’t even have a boyfriend. Not one to be bogged down by such comments, I was quick to divert the topic and said, it is a progressive show. Look, finally the goal of women emancipation is turning into a reality. She is calling the shots and men, who in another world, in a different time zone would have easily been suspected of committing heinous crimes, are today dancing, walking on coals and making complete fools out of themselves for the chance to marry Rakhi.

Is the show authentic? Well, I am no gaon ki gauri to believe that for a moment. But accept it or not, it is catching eyeballs and how. The show scaled to the TRP rating of 3.5% in cable and satellite homes of the Hindi speaking market in the first week itself. The sensible person, living in some dark corner within me nauseates at the idea of majority of the Indian viewers watching the so called dramatized swayamwar. But lets face it, the girl who, after making 4 pages and reading 5 pages, driving through the manic traffic of Delhi, arguing about innumerable things with acquaintances and strangers, would not like anything better but to see 10 men making complete fools of themselves for Rakhi Sawant. This makes me wonder, are we as a society becoming voyeuristic in our tendencies. We love watching Bigg Boss, Sarkar Ki duniya and Roadies. We claim it is for the tasks… but lets admit it it is as much for Palak’s abuses and Ali’s attempts to woo women, who were his fellow contestants.

I know this issue is not as serious as the unrest in Iran and China, the soaring prices of veggies, pulses and petrol in India or the delayed monsoons. But it is something to think about and certainly something to worry. Especially since majority of the people in this room, me included, are just plain sadists, who love to see others do in reel life, what we hold back ourselves from doing in real life.


vipin said...

i m telling you the truth .....none of them would be original...

all of them must be from poor family and came here to earn some money so that they can go back home and buy some medicines for their ill mother ....hehehehheheh

Kulbhushan said...

Yes i agree with you, candidly speaking i find all these shows 'vulgar'. At top of that, its a pity that Channels, madly running after so called TRP, do not understand such programmes are not meant to be telecasted on prime time..Cmon yar i was having dinner when i saw that Aman Verma crap (is jungle se mujhe bachao)...Hey..i would still say that we should refrain from generalising things... after all we had classic reality shows like KBC I, II and of course III, Saregama Pa, and so on...Sach Ka Samna I guess is a great concept...Dus Ka Dam is also decent reality show...

R. Ramesh said...

well..have cut off cable connection at home and blissfully ignorant of many such things as have fun.u folks

Dinesh Rohilla said...

I saw some episode of this, but really very interesting, but some thing is not good such as a man who is already married, also there(he never think about his wife).

The post is really nice, but the vipin's comment is Sartaj. Really very nice thinking of vipin.

Indrajit said...

Hmm .

I was expecting this post to be quite 'masala-marke' in your typical style like your previous posts. :)

Well,I really didn't like that girl ever and somehow I had watched the last episode.

Coming back to your post, to this post, there is your typical sarcasm and that tongue in cheek ishtyle missing.



Anand said...

Lol. One thing. maybe u mised the news a few days back. It's not 10, it's 12.

An extra romantic 80 yrs old guy and his over enthusiastic 45 yr old son.

The son said he wud keep his new mommy quite happy (yeah, we know how). And the dad wud try and keep his new wife happy (no one knows how). Lol.

I loved ur post and it's heading. ;-)

yamini said...

Well Pri, lets face it. We Indians revel in gossiping, don't we? I am not degrading my country or fellow countrymen and women. I am also not going to discuss whether people in other cultures do it or not. But one thing that has been proven time and again is that we like to gossip and would give a hand, arm, tooth, eye and an ear to listen to what is happening in other people's lives.

So, it is only natural that we have catapulted Rakhi Sawant's Swayamvar to such heights of television viewership.

We are also not thinking twice before tuning into the "Sach Ka Saamna", where, perhaps for the first time in the history of India, a wife admitted to the fact that she would sleep with another man if there was no chance of her husband knowing about it!!!

The spate of reality shows, and even those spawned by Ekta Kapoor's "K" brigade, prove just that and more.

However, I am not losing heart. Owing to the experience, bestowed upon me by the 32 years of my life, I believe that "THIS TOO SHALL PASS."

Till then, hand me the remote, lets watch who's wooing Rakhi today>>>>

kavita said...

My brother in law hates this show....meanwhile we are planing to set its title music as a ring tone in his cell phone....Priyanka do you watch this show?

the inexplicable said...

hey..have heard so much abt it from my frnd...n now tht u have written it too, i got to watch one episode atleast, to know what it is all about..

jayant said...

I wanted to write a post about the crap myself but would be more than happy to just add to your thoughts.
No, I NEVER believed Rakhi is actually going to marry the "winner".(LOSER in my book)

The show had an intention of shooting up TRPs and that target has been achieved. We all know what nautanki Rakhi Sawant is.. I couldn't believe she said in an interview that she was this "shy,homely girl"(whatever happened to that during her item songs??) and innumerable things contrasting her image but still, PEOPLE DO WATCH IT.. be it out of love or hatred..
Any publicity is good publicity today so no wonder a Roadie isn't shy of using abuses and in our country, people would watch ANYTHING in the name of "REALITY" shows.. be it a Sach ka Saamna, Junle se mujhe bachao, Swayamvar, Sarkar ki duniya, Big Boss...whatever...

Nice post, would love to read more!
Why don't you take on our electronic Media in one of the posts.The way they blow things up and cover what happened in various soaps the last day rather than focussing on more important issues??
P.S: Just a suggestion.