Friday, April 18, 2008

Soon everything will be alright

Every minute has gone away
Soon everything will part away
My children are with me
And soon I would be telling them, “Fare well thee”

The end it seems is drawing near
Is there anything that I fear?
Looking back into the past
My life has gone by very fast

When I still was an infant
I wanted to walk that very instant
When I was a young man, I wanted to
Sore high up in the sky

I got a job---
Worked hard to reach the top
I had a family, dear to me
But never near were we

Soon I realized

My lifeboat is going to capsize

And now I’m here dying
I hear everybody crying
Weak is getting my sight
… And soon everything will be 

Alright, Alright, Alright…

P.S: This is a poem I had written 9 years ago. This was the last piece of writing that received my Dad's appreciation. He passed away after a couple of months. 


Scribbler said...

Liked the imagery. Impeccable. And the optimism at the end, simply awesome.
Hope never disappoints.

keep it rollin;)

rahul said...

nice post...very sorry to hear about your DAD

Indrajit said...

brilliant .[;)]

olimpia said...

......death lovely person's moment ! emotional moment from a DIEING TREATY full of learnings for every mintal constitution . Sad but exciting for me too....

nituscorner said...

as i went through your little poem , i could not help but pen down these few words. my father passed away fact as recently as 2wks.and as i took him for his last rites i could not help but recall the very popular saying life is but a journey we have to end one day.till now this was just a philosophical saying for me but now i realize how true the saying is as you so rightfully have put in priyanka...i qoute you " my life boat is going to capsize" . and this also made me think that this is infact the only truth in life....irrespective of caste , creed, or relegion. the path might be different...the destination same.
So i feel for you and for all those who have lost their loved ones. its always very difficult to let go of them ....but we have to and then only memories remain.

Kabir said...

amazing...touching...and real...
In haste to achieve our dreams we miss the fruits in hand.
A nice read.
PS: if u feel like, I would like to have some comments on my writing, as I am novice and will like to imorove.Thanks

Kabir said...

amazing...true ...
a great read..