Tuesday, February 12, 2008

*Conditions apply

Life is beautiful!*

*Conditions apply.

The SMS that had me splitting my ends with laughter suddenly became profound when I read it when my mood was a little off. The mind that is a dangerous master and a wonderful slave got to work and began to enumerate the conditions to make life beautiful.

A smiling face
God’s grace
Family’s support
Friends to court
Tears of joy
Freedom to not be coy
To keep warm enough clothes
Have a circle of people I chose
Smell of the wet ground
50 rupees unexpectedly found
A happy phone call
At India Gate playing ball
Flowers in spring
Tea cups going ting
Baby’s fragrance
Jumping the fence
On the radio my favorite song
At 8, the morning factory gong
Walking in the rain
Sometimes being a plain Jane
Shah Rukh Khan
Filmy Khandaan
Pajama parties at night
A loud street fight
Running to catch the bus
Creating a lot of fuss
Cleaning sprees
The lush green trees
Salty tears
Combating fears
Power to make a point
CCD, the coffee joint!

I just realized I can check all the conditions to make my life beautiful.


Indrajit said...

yes certainly . Life wud be beautiful if we get all what we need- the small joys are th ones tht matter th most ..

"th lush green field, th bed of grass,
Th football game, in muds, away frm class.
Th backbenchers 4 , th naughty saints,
a walk down those days , in sepia paints.." My instant verse..:P

seno said...

I can check everything except Cleaning sprees :p lol

so uncheck cleaning sprees and check d joy of looking at ur dog's excitment when u reach home after a long day at work ;)

I love all ur blogs but I cant do them any justice by my comments so i read happily :D

flawed said...

..simply remember my favorite things

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

life can be beautiful with things as simple as hearing the rain fall on the terrace...or maybe just hear the sound of silence on the mountains...

the insider said...

hey...I suddenly realised that life is good and easy...believe me..
Some things cud be said so simply and this piece was one of them..
gud one :)

rahul anand said...

great post