Thursday, September 06, 2007

Continuous Crossroads & Confusion

It’s been so long
Since my heart had a song.
Crossroads leading to nowhere
Life is not at all fair.

They say and I am convinced, I can write
But thoughts, words, expressions are in a fight.
There is darkness looming all around
I know that higher truth has to be found.

I had goals for me
Places I had wanted to see.
Growth and progress, just an illusion
I am alone at standstill amidst confusion.

The colors have faded
Relations too seem jaded.
Every moment is a continuous strife
Waiting for a witness to my life...


INDR's Angels said...

wonderfully scribed .
Liked the flow ..
Keep writing.

Gurneet said...

OMG!! how beautifully u hav describes so many thing in just few words.....
short n sweet...n vry crispy...
lovely poem...
keep up the good wrk...

Shukshu said...

"Few words which explains the whole eternity"
Thats how i felt when i read this blog

Its beautiful prii.. :)

Vishal said...

So, here comes the one more jewel frm the Priyanka's Treasure [:)]

Awesome poetry..........I nvr thgth u are so good in poems too

Keep writing such blogs.....keep me boring like dis


jus kidddinnn.....gussssa mat khanaaa.....jus eat burgers[:d]

i knw dats really a bad one now :P

totobogy said...

It’s not winter yet;
But the road I took is misty.
It’s a cipher and I stand nowhere,
My destiny lost!

While I count, countless moons pass by
Helplessly, I count!

Have I been driven by imagination?
A mirage, in my sheer color blindness, did I see?

Or was it a lesser God I followed,
Who now himself wanders free!

Isn't it uncanny (or may be it's not. Maybe it's by design :)) how complete strangers can experience the same emotions?