Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Games, The Lessons

Who was your foe?
You were curious, now you know
Who was your friend?
It all became clear in the end.

The words of care
Were never really there
Later on you realized that
It was a chase of mouse and cat.

A fool don’t call yourself dear
Now there’s nothing you got to fear
Sure, don’t sing ballads of praises
But next time don’t chase the similar mazes

Life will not promise to be better or good
No one will tell what will not work and what would
It’s just a mean guessing game
Just never trust anyone with the same name…

1 comment:

INDR's Angels said...

this is with a philosophical hint.
i donno how i got thru ur blog,,
but i know that it's worth oodles
to read these wonderful stuffs.