Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Faith Shattered!

Karan Johar has failed me as a faithful audience. Shah Rukh has wronged me as a fan who believed he or any character he played could do no wrong! Bingo! Karan brilliant direction I came out all baffled and thinking Huh? How? Why? What? You wanted the audience to think…well now you have me thinking!
Well you have managed to portray reality in terms which we do not expect from you. Agreed it was real…that’s how people behave. But do you think I want to spend 150 bucks that I have begged for from my mom and you to spend 60 crores to make reality cinema? No. I see a lot of reality in real life. I expect karva chauths, beautiful heroines, perfect heroes (read Rahul, Raj, Rohit, Aman), great locations, adarshvadi dads and extremely happy and conventional endings from you. As SRK himself put it…why did you kill Rahul for us… why?
Technically and as a story the movie is fantabulous and more. But hey that’s not the kind of movie I a die hard SRK and Karan fan want to see next time.

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Thinker said...

Lked the way connect your thoughts...

On second thoughts, why don't you try becoming a writer!
Seriously you have that flair.